Tensions Surge Between New York and Texas Over Immigration

Illegal immigration stands as a pressing issue in today’s America. For one thing, Biden’s gutted Remain in Mexico as unlawful border crossings stand at record highs. That’s not to mention all the grief that Texas is facing as a border state.

Governor Greg Abbott warns the Lone Star State is being bombarded with thousands of new migrants every single day. He’s repeatedly called for the Biden administration to put an end to this and help get the situation under control.

Yet, Biden refuses. Therefore, Abbott’s taken the liberty of having busses of migrants sent to places like New York City, a self-professed “sanctuary city.”

However, New York City Mayor Eric Adams is having a viscerally negative reaction to the migrants arriving in his city. He’s now threatening retribution against the Texas GOP governor, as documented by Washington Examiner.

Mayor Adams on Migrants in His City

As payback for Texas having buses of migrants sent to New York City, the Democratic mayor claimed he’s considering having buses of his own residents sent to Texas.

Adams went on to say the trip to Texas would be solely for them to campaign against Abbott as he seeks another term as governor. Per the Democratic mayor, getting officials like the Texas governor out of office ultimately boils down to what’s best for the nation.

Previously, Adams also spoke about the drain migrants upon migrants are having on his city’s resources and supplies. These remarks were a far cry from the mayor’s previous talking points of being welcoming to all persons, despite what their immigration status may be.

Pushback From Abbott

In sending illegal immigrants over to New York City, Abbott explained that Texas is overwhelmed and can’t handle this volume of Biden’s border crisis.

Furthermore, the governor of Texas previously invited Mayor Adams to visit the southern border for himself; however, the Democratic mayor declined the invitation, writing it off as a publicity stunt.

Before left-wing officials started receiving illegal immigration in their communities, there were absolutely no complaints about the border situation. That’s true even as Texas was repeatedly calling for the federal government to make changes and secure the border.

This isn’t the first criticism Abbott’s taken over his response to illegal immigration; it likely won’t be the last.

However, the Texas governor maintains that instead of Democrats targeting him over this issue, they should be making their grievances known to the Biden administration.

Adams and other left-wing leaders, thus far, haven’t demonstrated any willingness to address the root of the problem.

What do you think about New York City’s negative reaction to migrants’ arrivals, despite branding itself as a sanctuary city? We welcome you to share your views about this in the comments area.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.