Tensions Mount in DC as Man Fatally Shoots Boy Amid Wrongful Race Allegations

Tensions and demands for justice are growing in Washington, DC over the killing of a 13-year-old boy by a local adult man on suspicions the former was stealing cars.

There were public reactions rushing to wrongful race allegations before both persons were reported to be black.

Man Reacted to Likely Crime

13-year-old Karon Blake, who lives in Northeast Washington, DC, was shot and killed around 4 am last Saturday, on Quincy Street NE, in the 1000 block, by an adult male resident.

According to the Metropolitan Police, the man, who has not been identified publicly, suspected the teen was trying to steal a car, possibly accompanied by others.

The case is under review by the US Attorney’s Office and the police; the adult has not been arrested even though his legally owned gun was seized, NBC News reported.

According to Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee III, the officers who responded to the call found the adult black man performing CPR on Karon Blake.

The adult man was the one who called the police. He lives in a nearby home and went out into the street after hearing voices and seeing someone “tampering with vehicles.”

Contee said a grand jury was yet to determine whether a crime had occurred during the man’s interaction with the middle school teen.

As per the report, at least two cars had been damaged on the block of the incident before the shooting; “two juvenile males” were noticed as they were running away from the site.

A later police announcement said a stolen car had been discovered on the scene, with detectives believing it was used by Karon Blake.

Neighbors in the area told NBC Washington they heard four or five gunshots. Police Chief Contee slammed the various speculations and “misinformation” about what he said was a “tragic” case.

He stated “making allegations centered around race” in the killing case was “wrong.”

‘No Car Worth a Life?’

Local community organizations and lawmakers, however, are reacting strongly to the incident. They are demanding more decisive action, including the public naming of the man who shot Blake with his registered firearm to halt a possible crime.

An independent black DC Council member, Christina Henderson, insisted on Twitter that “property” wasn’t “greater than life.” Another council member, Zachary Parker, a Democrat and a gay black man, declared he was “outraged by Karon’s killing.”

He also argued “no car” or other “material possession” was “worth a life” and the person who confronted Blake should be held “accountable.”

A woman described as Karon’s aunt said the community wanted “justice” because the alleged car theft perpetrator was only 13 and “he was a baby.”

Three local community groups – Ward 5 Mutual Aid, Harriet’s Wildest Dreams, and DC Safety Squad – demanded the authorities release not only the shooter’s name, but also any video material in their possession.

13-year-old Karon Blake was one out of a total of six people who were killed in Washington, DC, in the first week of 2023.


This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.