Teacher Claims White People Make Her Feel “Unsafe”

"0066" by Susan Ruggles

It’s not uncommon for TikTok users to post some hilarious takes on “pressing” matters in the US. More often than not, they’re focused on prolonging the CRT narrative or the notion that racism is deeply rooted in this great nation of ours.

TikTok presented these attention-starved figures with a platform to gain it. With the left’s relentless push of the idea that cis white men are practically the root of all evil, it’s no wonder LibsOfTikTok has so much content to share with the masses.

“Student and teacher” by Wonderlane

“BLM isn’t political”

One such video was posted by a black woman identifying herself as a teacher. While there’s no confirmation as to whether she is one, her opinions are consistent with those of her “woke” peers.

According to the “teacher” from TikTok, black students are in jeopardy in today’s educational system. She was claiming that white educators aren’t trying hard enough to be the “safe spaces” that BIPOC students need.

Instead of making constructive arguments to support this “theory” of hers though, she just repeats the same line twice, reiterating that white teachers are incapable of connecting with “those kids,” mainly because they don’t feel safe around them.

Naturally, the entire video is riddled with “clever” captions aimed at the audience, with no real rhyme or reason as to how the TikToker actually acquired said information.

Can black people be racist?

However, after all this talk about racism, the black woman in question pulls a signature move. She says “black people can’t be racist,” as she claims she doesn’t feel safe around white people on the street, especially strangers.

If a white person said this about any BIPOC American, they’d be witch-hunted to the ends of the internet by the cancel culture community, even if there’s conclusive evidence of black-on-white violence greatly outnumbering white-on-black violence in the US.

In fact, the only violent crimes that outnumber black-on-white violence are black-on-black violence, meaning that our “teacher” should probably start clutching her purse when a black person walks by instead.

Years before Biden was president and none of this “woke” nonsense was relevant, the US was making significant progress towards fixing race relations; we were evolving past the idea that skin color associated us with warring tribes of sorts.

Unfortunately, the left is probably the most hypocritical political groupation in modern history. They don’t shy away from employing racism themselves to “support” their idea that it’s deeply rooted in America.

The “woke” crowd just loves to claim that diversity is a strength, but we keep forgetting that not too long ago, togetherness was the main focus.

The left was successful in driving a pin between two communities that were finally starting to make amends.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.