Target Takes Down “Pride” Themed Items After Customer Backlash

Target has removed “Pride” themed items associated with the satanist designer Abprallen amid public backlash.

Retail giant Target has recently faced substantial criticism after its rollout of several items for children and babies, in addition to transgender swimsuits for adults with “tuck-friendly” and “light-binding” effects. 

Target Goes Woke

Among the Pride-themed items, two items produced by the United Kingdom-based designer Abprallen received major public criticism. 

The individual who established the brand identifies as a transgender gay male, essentially a biological female attracted to males. On top of that, this individual is a Satanist who worships the satanic figure Baphomet and claims “Satan respects pronouns.”

Although that specific design was not available at Target stores, the retail titan provided two designs from the designer. 

However, due to continuous backlash, Target appears to be no longer selling those items. 

Target released a statement where it noted after introducing the controversial items, the company apparently experienced threats affecting team members’ safety and well-being at work. 

Due to these circumstances, Target made adjustments to its plans, which included the removal of items that have provoked significant backlash.

Items by the satanic designers are being taken off the shelves while other items are still being reviewed after prolonged criticism and threats of boycotts. 

Target Faces Backlash

In a similar vein, other items being studied include swimsuits that are marketed toward transgender adults.

These swimsuits offer “tuck-friendly” bottoms for confused males to “tuck” away their genitals to look more feminine, in addition to tops with a “light-binding” effect to flatten the breasts of gender-confused women.

Per Reuters, Target also looked into certain transgender swimsuits and children’s merchandise, but no official decision on those products has been made. 

This move came in the wake of an “emergency” call, which resulted in several Target stores moving their Pride sections to less prominent areas in the back.