Survey Reveals Growing Concern Over Transgender Acceptance

An increasing number of Americans believe the acceptance of transgenderism has been ‘overextended’ and half of them reject using gender-neutral pronouns, according to a recent poll.

The poll was carried out by the University of Chicago’s NORC with financial support from the Wall Street Journal.

Americans Think Gender-Neutral Society Went Too Far

A total of 1,019 individuals, representing diverse political viewpoints, were surveyed between March 1 and 13, 2023.

In response to the question of whether US society has overly embraced individuals who are transgender, 43 percent of respondents agreed, while 33 percent opined society has “not gone far enough.”

A mere 23 percent of participants felt that society’s acceptance has been “about right.”

In response to the inquiry, “Do you have a favorable, not favorable, or neither favorable nor favorable view towards persons identifying their pronouns in communications, emails, or conversations,” 42 percent of respondents selected “not favorable.”

This also happened to be twice the number of those who chose “favorable” (21 percent).

Furthermore, when the poll questioned participants about their feelings on being asked to use “they/them” pronouns to address a gender-neutral person, only 18% picked “favorable, while 50% opted for “unfavorable.”

These results indicate an increasing number of Americans displaying a more unfavorable attitude towards accepting transgender issues, employing pronouns, and addressing gender-neutral individuals.

Trans Woman Under Controversy for Winning in Women’s Swimming Competition

Earlier this month, ESPN featured former University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas in a “Celebrating Women’s History Month” segment, despite Thomas being a trans woman.

Lia Thomas made history as the first transgender woman to secure an Ivy League Championship and subsequently an NCAA Championship in the 500-yard freestyle.

However, her achievements have sparked controversy over the fairness of trans women participating in biological women’s sports.

The swimmer has since refuted claims that she possesses an unfair competitive advantage due to her birth gender.