Stunning Discovery Made After Cutting Hole in California House

An astonishing discovery created by some of mother nature’s children has been made in a California house.

That was after pest control made a hole in one of its walls. A gigantic amount of acorns got exposed after there were apparently hidden inside it by a hard-working woodpecker.

That’s an Acorn Tsunami!

The bizarre woodpecker stash discovery was made by Nick Castro, the owner of a small pest control firm, who has been in the business for 20 years.

Castro told The Dodo that he had never seen “anything like that” in the work of his business, Nick’s Extreme Pest Control, which is based in Forestville, in Northern California’s Sonoma County.

According to the report, not only was his discovery “shocking,” but it also had “epic proportions,” after he called out to a home in Glen Ellen, a town of about 1,000 people in Sonoma County.

Castro was contacted after the house had been suffering damage by a local woodpecker making holes in its siding, apparently for storing food.

The industrious woodpecker turned out to have a liking for acorns, but his nut stashes weren’t staying in the places he made for them. They were instead falling through the cavities inside the house’s walls.

Alerted by the house owners, the pest control worker expected to discover a certain amount of acorns inside the walls.

However, what occurred after he cut a hole in one of the walls was a tsunami of acorns that started pouring out, inside the house.

“It was nuts,” the report points out as Castro recounts how the acorns would keep “coming and coming,” with no end in sight to their steady stream.

Worked Out to the Woodpecker’s Benefit

The pest control worker said he and the house owners through the acorns inside the wall had reached about a quarter of the wall’s height. The woodpecker, however, had proven his worth and filled up the wall up to the attic.

As Castro made more holes in the house walls, more and more acorns kept popping up.

When the woodpecker-generated acorn tsunami eventually stopped, it turned out some 700 pounds of acorns had been amassed inside the home’s walls, and the amount filled eight large trash bags.

The report notes that Nick’s Extreme Pest Control has a company policy of handling all animals humanely; that is what Castro and the homeowners did with respect to the meticulous female woodpecker behind the gigantic acorn stash.

They left the woodpecker alive, but filled in the holes that he had made on the outside. The homeowners also put up some vinyl siding in order to lead her to discover a new place for her acorn stashes.

That was a way to not only fix the house, but also to make sure the bird’s hard work no longer goes for naught.

The woodpecker acorn house in California is similar to a 2018 case in the UK in which a squirrel caused a car to break down after filling up its engine with acorns.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.