Sting Operation Results in 20 Arrests in Indiana for Crimes Against Children

23 individuals were detained in Indiana in association with sex crimes against children after a three-day covert operation involving numerous agencies, according to officials.

Covert Operation Results in Arrests

Based on a report issued online this Friday, the collaborative covert operation was executed in coordination with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) and the City of Franklin Police Department between November 1 and November 3.

Over the previous 2.5 years, this type of investigation has been underway in Johnson County four times, according to the authorities.

Well over half of the individuals who were arrested have already been released on bond, while the remainder stay in detention, according to police.

Among other allegations, the defendants were charged with child soliciting, possession of drugs, and distributing pornographic images to minors.

The sheriff stated that several of the offenders were prepared to travel long distances, even from other states. They had zero issues with doing this in order to interact with the person they thought to be a child.

In making and carrying out these devious and nefarious plans, the offenders carried a variety of stuff, including beer, narcotics, and guns, to the rendezvous spots.

“Some individuals used online travel providers to reach their destination. Some urged the child to leave one specific locations in order to engage in illegal sexual activity elsewhere,” authorities added.

The JCSO disclosed the identity of the suspects apprehended during the sting operation.

During the sting operation, undercover cops posted online ads in order to catch these predators in the act. They also made sure to utilize a variety of apps that are frequently used by child molesters pursuing illegal sexual activities with youngsters.

After this was done, members of law enforcement then participated in dialogue with the perpetrators and, in some instances, police officers ended up traveling to a meeting spot to apprehend the suspect.

Parents Must Be Vigilant

As a warning, police issued a very critical message to the public. This message from law enforcement goes as follows:

“We urge guardians to be very aware of what their youngsters are up to and with whom they are communicating with on the web.”

“It is disturbing to see how many internet apps there are. It is also worrying to consider what may be shared on them. The fact that nearly everybody owns a smartphone makes it so simple to reach these sites.”

During previous undercover operations undertaken by the two organizations, 11 individuals were detained in May, eight in April 2021, and ten in December 2020.

These detainments occurred over crimes including child soliciting, possession of drugs, and distribution of pornographic images to minors.

Police stated, “I can guarantee you that the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and the Franklin Police Department will continue these activities.”

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.