Stephen A. Smith Claims to Be “Underpaid” Despite Earning $10M a Year!

"ESPN Armed Forces Classic - ESPN Broadcasting System Setup - U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys, South Korea - 9 Nov. 2013" by USAG Humphreys

If you’ve ever watched professional sports on TV and thought to yourself that being a caster takes next to no talent and effort, you’d probably be right.

That’s at least if you were referring to Stephen A. Smith, who’s making $10 million every year, and still finds a reason to complain.

According to the entitled ESPN sportscaster, he’s underpaid and so is the entirety of the female and black population of the American workforce. This is categorically untrue if you’ve got a smidge of knowledge about the US economy.

“NBA” by Brennen Schmidt

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith jumps back on the BLM nonsense

Much like the rest of his BLM brethren, when confronted, Smith fell back to the tried and tested argument the left created.

He claimed women are paid less compared to men and black workers are paid less than their white counterparts.

Aside from outright ignoring an entire plethora of economic variables in his “argument,” Smith also fails to comprehend the pay gap is dictated by the gap in the amount and type of work done, as men work more hours than women on average.

Of course, he made sure to make the whole thing about himself, constantly reminding the viewers he’s “underpaid” while talking about the growing lack of black players on the World Series baseball teams.

He compared the work he does to the rest of the people working in television entertainment; almost as if he isn’t a glorified radio sports castor who makes more than the average American could dream of.

Twitter shames Smith for out-of-touch statement

Thankfully, his critics were quick to point out the irony in what he was saying, putting him on blast for complaining about his yearly salary while others can barely afford basic necessities, such as food and gas for work-related travel.

One Twitter user called him a “privileged coward,” an adjective that would fit perfectly for any BLM peddler, especially those near the top of the borderline terrorist organization, which continues to be involved in money siphoning and shady wire transfers.

In fact, NY Post uncovered Smith is actually making around $12 million every year as of July last year, four million of which is earned through a post-production agreement he signed with the media company.

It’s absurd that a millionaire is complaining about average wages, including his own, to a crowd that consists of lower-to-middle-class Americans that won’t come close to earning as much as Smith does in two lifetimes.

Maybe if Smith wasn’t such a bottomless sinkhole for cash, ESPN could actually afford to pay their entry-level employees better wages.

Although we know full well that isn’t happening, as any action the company takes against him now will be looked down upon by the woke side of Twitter.

While the average salary at ESPN is certainly nothing to sneeze at, $60k is likely not enough to sustain a family in Bristol, Connecticut, where the network’s HQ is.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.