Stacey Abrams Slammed Over False Voter Suppression Claims

Things aren’t looking good for Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams. Right now, she’s running to be governor of Georgia; however, she’s lagging behind in the polls.

Abrams isn’t doing very well on policy matters, either. Crime, illegal immigration, and the economy are just a handful of issues that the Georgia Democrat isn’t meeting voters on.

After losing to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp back in 2018 (when Abrams first ran to be governor), Abrams launched a legal suit, alleging that voter suppression is what led to Kemp’s victory.

However, this lawsuit was recently laughed out of court. Now, Kemp is calling Abrams out for her untrue claims pertaining to voter suppression, per Breitbart News.

Kemp on Abrams and Voter Suppression Claims

While speaking with Fox News Sunday, the Georgia governor warned that Abrams is lying to fulfill her own agenda. Kemp said that Abrams has a vested interest in advancing her own status and wealth.

Later, the Georgia governor pointed out that even an Obama-appointed judge was able to see through the lies of Abrams. Though Kemp warned even after last week’s ruling, Abrams is still trying to lie and create a narrative that simply isn’t factual.

Kemp also called out his Democratic opponent on other issues. When asked by Fox News about crime, the Georgia governor stated that, unlike Abrams, he isn’t going to allow police to be defunded.

The Georgia Republican also pointed out that during his time in office, he made sure legislation was passed in order to stop the defunding of law enforcement.

Meanwhile at Team Abrams

As things look worse and worse for Stacey Abrams, she’s launching attacks against Kemp. The Georgia Democrat continues hitting Kemp on issues like gun control, abortion, etc.

Yet, Abrams has been doing this for months. Thus far, there’s no sign any of it is resonating with the voters that she needs in order to win elections.

Kemp has informed Fox News and others that he’s going to defeat Abrams once more, just as he did during the 2018 race. It remains to be seen how Abrams reacts to what’s very likely to be a second loss in a row, come this November.

Georgia is a battleground state that has a big role in how federal politics shake out. This covers not just the governor’s race, but also the race for the Senate. Right now, Democratic  Sen. Raphael Warnock is neck-in-neck with Republican rival Herschel Walker.

What do you think about Stacey Abrams’ claims of voter suppression in Georgia being thrown out of court? Do you think Abrams will lose her campaign to become the state’s next governor?

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This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.