Stacey Abrams Says Unborn Baby’s Breathing and Heartbeats Are Fabricated to Manipulate Women

One of the most memorable experiences of early pregnancy for millions of parents each year is the trip to the doctor to listen to their child’s heart for the first time. 

Renowned Democrat Stacey Abrams, on the other hand, said in public that the ultrasound innovation which allows parents to hear that beating is actually a paternalistic plot to influence women’s bodies by creating a “manufactured sound.” 

During a Tuesday appearance at the Ray Charles Performing Arts Center in Georgia, candidate for governor Stacey Abrams said a pulse is not detectable before 20 weeks. 

She elaborated it is an artificial noise made to make people believe that men should have authority over a woman’s body. 

An Absurd Theory

When discussing her desire to repeal Georgia’s “heartbeat bill,” Abrams promoted the unproven conspiracy hypothesis that sexist male lawmakers fake heartbeats detected in the womb.

To prohibit abortions when a baby’s heartbeat is found, Republican Governor Brian Kemp signed HB 481 into law in 2019. According to Abrams, calling the legislation the “fetal heartbeat bill” is “biologically false” and “innately a lie.” 

Nevertheless, the American Pregnancy Association reports the average time it takes to detect a baby’s heartbeat is between six and seven weeks into a pregnancy. 

Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion provider in the nation, acknowledges a “very basic beating heart” forms in preborn children by weeks five and six of pregnancy. 

As it turns out, Abrams isn’t the only one who believes this. Some pro-abortion fanatics have recently tried to argue fetal heartbeats aren’t real, in response to the success of state legislation providing some safeguards for innocent fetuses with a discernible heartbeat. 

After The New York Times reported in February 2022 that pro-abortion “experts” were beginning to question the long-held actuality that unborn babies have detectable heartbeats, an organized initiative to deny scientific reality was launched.

A Lot of Denial 

Extreme proponents of abortion claim a fetus’ heartbeat is not a beating heart because it is too weak and the baby’s brain is not yet fully formed.

It’s similar to the emerging “flat earth” movement that this campaign is evoking. In contrast, a child’s heart continues to grow into adulthood. 

Democrats hope campaigning on the issue of abortion will boost their chances at the polls this November. 

The Supreme Court’s Dobbs verdict, published in June, nullified the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, which had prohibited certain limitations on terminating human pregnancies. 

Most Americans, however, agree that unborn children should be protected in some way, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. Abrams, like all other Democrats, is opposed to any legislation that will limit access to abortion. 

Abrams is notorious for denying the reality of a number of things, including the reality of the election she lost in 2018 for governor of Georgia.

Abrams is trailing incumbent Kemp in the polls by 6.6 points right now. If she loses in November, it’s unclear if she’ll try to deny the governor won again.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.