Stacey Abrams Makes Big Money from a Mysterious Firm

Democratic gubernatorial candidate for Georgia, Stacey Abrams, received more than $150,000 of income from a mysterious firm that has no online presence.

Reportedly, the firm is likely to be a shell corporation with no physical presence, which is majorly used by money launderers and white-collar criminals.

Stacey Abrams Earned Money from a Shell Company

Abrams listed Dream Project Partners in multiple sections of her financial disclosure forms, which she filed in March this year.

Apart from receiving direct income, Abrams also claimed to be the board member and shareholder of the mysterious firm, per the financial disclosures.

She received $50,000 in 2021 and $100,000 in 2022 from the controversial firm.

According to the financial disclosure, Abrams does not have any assignments in Dream Project Partners, while the description of the firm is also shady.

It is a firm that, as per Abrams’ financial disclosure, develops culturally competent technology platforms to help new businesses have an online presence.

The company is controversial for the fact that it claims to help entrepreneurs in the digital space, but maintains no online presence itself.

Besides Abrams’s financial disclosures, the firm is also listed in Delaware Business records, which are not trustworthy at all.

Delaware is one of those states which allows corporations to register businesses without listing any manager in the formation documents.

Abrams Has a History of Making Controversial Money

Furthermore, Abrams is also attached to multiple limited liability companies at the same time. One such business is Davis Hall LLC, where Abrams is listed as the “managing member.”

This business was named Sela Technologies LLC until 2021 and is the personal office of Abrams, as per the disclosures.

Meanwhile, Abrams’s financial disclosure forms mention she is the owner of another firm, Hall Davis LLC, which helps businesses in “general” matters.

Over the last five years, Abrams drastically accumulated riches while working in the private sector. Four years ago, Abrams had a net worth of $109,000, which has been increased to a whopping $3.17 million in 2022.

Earlier this year, Abrams slammed critics who claimed she made her wealth using controversial means.

While speaking to the Associated Press, Abrams noted every person should have an equal opportunity to make money, adding she not only grew financially, but also helped Georgians in the last three years.

This is not the first time Abrams is making headlines for her involvement in a controversial firm. She is also a board member of a Washington-based anti-police organization, Marguerite Casey Foundation, which champions the narrative of police defunding.

Although Abrams collected more than $50,000 from the abolitionist organization, her campaign previously claimed Abrams has different views than her anti-police firm, adding she is a firm advocate of police funding.

Fox News tried to reach Abrams campaigns for a series of questions regarding Dream Project Partners, Hall Davis LLC, and David Hall LLC, but the campaign ignored repetitive calls for scrutiny.