Stacey Abrams Downplaying Campaign Troubles in New Interview

In Georgia, Democrat Stacey Abrams continues to run into issues, amid her efforts to become the next governor. Abrams previously ran back in 2018; although then-candidate, now-incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp walked away with the win.

This go-around, Abrams is once more up against Kemp; though her race isn’t going along so well. The Georgia Democrat has repeatedly run into issues with topics involving abortion, mask mandates, crime, etc.

Meanwhile, Kemp continues to lead Abrams in the polls. Surveys show he’s not only likely to defeat Abrams during next month’s gubernatorial race, but if Kemp and Abrams were to somehow end up in a run-off, the incumbent governor would likely win that as well.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Stacey Abrams tried to downplay the lack of support from Georgia voters that’s hurting her campaign, as noted by The Hill.

Major Problems Ahead For Abrams

While speaking with Fox News, the Georgia Democrat claimed she’s up against a “manufactured crisis” that’s designed to suppress votes in the state.

This commentary from Abrams comes in spite of her recent lawsuit alleging voter suppression in Georgia being tossed out of court.

Kemp, on the other hand, has been campaigning in Georgia to win over support from black voters and others. According to Abrams, this isn’t much of a concern to her.

The Georgia Democrat told Fox News that she’s personally done dozens of events to win support from the black community and feels confident about the turnout.

Abrams’ choices to downplay the issues she’s facing while running for the Georgia governor’s mansion now raise questions about how she’ll respond next month if she loses to Kemp again.

History Repeats Itself

When Abrams was defeated by Kemp in 2018, she openly refused to acknowledge the loss for what it was. Instead, the Democrat repeatedly asserted herself as the rightful winner and said Kemp weaseled his way into the governor’s office because of voter suppression.

Amid her current run for Georgia governor, Abrams is now denying that she ever refused to accept her loss in 2018. Unfortunately for Abrams, there is plenty of footage of her completely denying her loss four years ago.

At the rate things are going, amid Abrams’ continued remarks about so-called voter suppression in Georgia, she may very well end up denying her loss against Kemp again.

Should Abrams incur a second loss against Kemp, it remains to be seen if she’ll try again in 2026 for the governor’s mansion or if she’ll cut her losses and pursue other endeavors.

What do you make of Stacey Abrams lying about how she reacted to the 2018 Georgia governor’s election and the trajectory of her current campaign? In the comments area, feel free to share your thoughts.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.