Stacey Abrams’ Baseless Assertion That Sheriffs Have Racist Agendas

In her ongoing campaign for governor of Georgia, Stacey Abrams engages in a pattern of stoking fears and playing on racial tensions.

The Democratic nominee is now saying Georgia sheriffs want to “remove black folks off the streets” after first denying the results of the election, then spreading falsehoods about recent changes to Georgia’s voting rules.

Agenda Over Facts

During her discourse with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp on Sunday night, she made the incendiary claim. This came after Kemp just revealed the law enforcement organizations endorsed his campaign.

Abrams stated, as she mentioned in a previous statement, she does not belong to the “good ol’ boys club.”

Therefore, she does not have 107 sheriffs who desire the ability to remove black people from the streets and who want to avoid accountability for their actions.

She stated she does not believe every deputy wants that, but she is aware they require a governor who believes in guarding law enforcement, as well as the people of Georgia.

This kind of reaction from Abrams is par for the course.

Abrams engages in racial innuendo and spreads false information in such a way, in the year 2022, if one attended to her and ignored the facts, they would come to the conclusion black folks in the United States are always being persecuted.

Abrams persisted in spreading false information, despite the fact it couldn’t be more removed from the reality of the situation.

Abrams claimed, without providing any evidence or examples to support her claim, her other brother really shouldn’t be stopped for driving while black, but, in the state of Georgia, he is.

She argued the state requires a person who will support police officers while simultaneously holding “law enforcement liable,” which is why she is running for governor of the state.

The Democratic Party As a Whole

At the moment, surveys indicate Kemp has a lead of seven points over Abrams. Given what Abrams said and believes about the law enforcement community in Georgia, it is not difficult to understand why.

At this moment, Abrams is a representation of the Democrat Party as a whole in a microcosm. They are only able to offer criticisms and complaints, the majority of which are unfounded. They have no solutions to offer, despite their many complaints about the issues.

There are not 107 sheriffs in the state of Georgia who share the goal of removing black people from public spaces. Although Abrams is aware of this fact, inciting racial hostility is essential to the success of her political program.

During the discussion, she brought up accountability. Yet, in all honesty, she ought to begin with herself and her part in fostering an atmosphere of fear and also spreading disinformation.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.