Stacey Abrams Argues Inflation Will Not Be So Severe If More Children Are Aborted

Democratic gubernatorial contender and epic fantasy writer Stacey Abrams stated on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that if women can somehow abort their kids, they wouldn’t be as concerned about rising gas and food prices. 

Abrams stated having kids is the reason you are concerned about your gas prices. It is the reason you are concerned about the cost of food.

She noted this is not a simple issue for women. The economic reality of having a kid cannot be separated from being compelled to carry an unwanted pregnancy.

First, It Was Heartbeats

Abrams placed her opposition to prenatal biology on open display last month by disputing that unborn babies have pulse rate at six weeks of gestation.

She claims ultrasound utilizes “a synthetic sound intended to persuade people that men get the right to regulate a woman’s body.” 

A few weeks afterward, she incorrectly asserted it is impossible to pinpoint precisely when pregnancy begins.

Now, her clear admission that kids would be better off aborted than surviving in families suffering from the effects of inflation reflects the current majority in her party, which has long since abandoned the “safe, legal, and uncommon” abortion talking points. 

As American leftists aggressively celebrate infanticide and encourage women to “shout your abortion,” candidates like Abrams are increasingly eager to utter the quiet part aloud.

In this situation, this means implying American mothers abort their unborn babies to increase their earnings. 

Abrams is not the first Democratic socialist to propose a Malthusian, icy answer to economic problems.

Yahoo! Finance claimed just last week that pro-life pregnancy clinics, which enable mothers to keep their children, were partially responsible for diaper shortages. 

Dems Want Death To All Infants

In May, briefly after the Supreme Court’s draft opinion upending Roe v. Wade was leaked, Monica Hesse of The Washington Post asserted abortion could help relieve the impacts of a baby formula shortage on women.

The formula scarcity reached a crisis point about the same time that the Supreme Court’s draft opinion upending Roe v. Wade was leaked. 

On the one extreme, women would be compelled to give birth. However, once these children come, there may not be enough food to feed them. 

By implying women should be permitted to abort to avoid dealing with formula shortages, Hesse promotes the same message as Yahoo! Finance, and Abrams: the answer to economic issues is to destroy human beings, especially unborn babies who cannot argue for themselves. 

Even though the vast majority of the public supports abortion to be limited to the early stages of gestation, as the legislation in question in the Supreme Court case Dobbs, the radical view of abortion up until birth for any cause has become the unofficial policy of Democrats like Abrams.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.