Speculation Emerges Over Former Maryland Governor Running For President

With the 2022 midterms behind us, the 2024 presidential election is getting more attention and traction.

Already polls are coming out. One of the latest reveals that if Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ran against Biden in 2024, DeSantis would narrowly defeat him.

The same poll also disclosed that if former President Trump ran against Biden, Trump would end up losing to Biden by nearly double digits.

The Florida governor has not (yet) announced he’s running for president. Though there’s much speculation about it and many Republicans who would love to see him run.

However, other Republicans may be potentially eyeing the GOP nomination in 2024. One of those Republicans is former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, according to Patch.

A Possible Presidential Run From Hogan

Hogan made a name for himself as a moderate Republican who managed to serve two consecutive terms as the governor of Maryland. With Hogan now out of office due to term limits, questions have emerged about what ultimately comes next for him.

During an interview with CNN, the former governor was asked whether or not he’s got any plans to run in the 2024 presidential election. To this end, Hogan stated he’ll see what lies ahead and doesn’t yet know if he’s going to declare his candidacy.

On Trump, who already announced he’s running in 2024, Hogan warned that Trump’s┬álosing power within the GOP. The former Maryland governor also claimed that winning a presidential election takes more than a GOP candidate only appealing to their base.

Hogan too had some thoughts about DeSantis. According to the former governor of Maryland, DeSantis has made some positive strides forward; however, the Florida governor will also need to get a “broader audience” behind him if he’s serious about running for president.

GOP Politics and 2024

With a decent amount of Republicans souring on Trump and his baggage, many are turning elsewhere for a new leader of the party. At this time, DeSantis appears to be the favorite; though this doesn’t mean that other GOP members won’t vie for the 2024 nomination.

As this year plays out, Americans can expect to learn more about who is running for office and who’s not. So far, DeSantis is viewed as the Republican with the greatest chance of stopping Trump from securing the GOP nomination.

Many Republicans in favor of a DeSantis run argue that he’ll be able to attract more voters, unlike Trump, who is increasingly viewed as a magnet for Democratic voter turnout against him.

Do you believe former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is going to end up running in the 2024 presidential election? Do you have any thoughts on who the ideal 2024 Republican nominee should be? You’re invited to let us know your thoughts below in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.