Snowstorm Left Americans Vulnerable to Crises

The US Eastern Coast is hit by a major snowstorm. This is the first one of its type in the last four years, prompting at least five states to declare emergencies.

Eastern Coast of America Badly Hit by Blizzard

Forecasts warned of a “historic” snowfall and floods at many places, while warning that cold temperatures will persist on Sunday.

The storm named Nor’easter is likely to blanket much of the Boston area with snow of more than two feet. Likewise, the same amount of snowfall has already fallen in most parts of New York.

On Saturday, the National Weather Service (NWS) admitted the storm had undergone the condition of “bombogenesis,” which indicates a drastic decline in atmospheric pressure, thus suggesting a strong storm.

According to a Connecticut meteorologist Ashley Baylor who spoke to BBC, the storm developed intensely in a timeframe of 24 hours; it is now a massive weather emergency.

Thus, NWS has warned people to travel only in cases of emergency with a winter survival kit. Similarly, the agency said those stuck in the weather should stay with their vehicles.

As predicted, the merciless storm started hitting the eastern coast on Saturday morning, when the authorities issued a blizzard warning across the eastern coast. Before this, such a warning was issued back in 2018.

Different states imposing sanctions to control disaster

After things started taking dangerous turns, governors of different states, including Maryland, New York, Virginia, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, suggested people stay off the roads to ensure their safety. 

Kathy Hochul, the New York governor, stated freezing conditions would not be averted even after a stop in the snowfall.

The Police of the Atlantic City of New Jersey had a similar message, which claimed people should not make the duties of first responders harder by “venturing out.” 

Meanwhile, Connecticut bus operations were suspended until Sunday. Dan McKee, the governor of Rhode Island, closed several bridges because of “dangerous conditions.”

Anthony D. Torres, a US meteorologist, told Sky News although nor’easters can come every year, these sorts of extreme ones only happen once or twice a decade.

According to him, Boston city can have its highest ever recorded snowfall if the storm produces over 70 cm of snow this season. While more than 75 million people are vulnerable to come in the path of the storm, over 6,000 flights have already been canceled. 

From Virginia to Massachusetts, officials have tried to impose sanctions ranging from parking bans to restricting travel.

For instance, Massachusetts’ governor banned heavy trucks from entering interstate highways while encouraging people to stay at home. On top of this, the state of Rhode Island completely banned non-emergency road travel.

However, despite warnings and severe weather conditions, some people were seen with their children trying to enjoy themselves in the snow in public parks of New York. 

Due to this storm, Florida, which is known for its mild winter conditions, is likely to see a drastic temperature fall this year.