SHOCKING: Russia Gathers 175,000 Forces to Invade Ukraine

The latest US findings revealed Russia could invade Ukraine early next year, using the 175,000 troops it is amassing on its border with Ukraine.

Despite the fact many international observers, including the United States, showed their concerns to Russia, the country is unmoved and busy increasing its number of troops continuously.

Russia moves further forces to its border with Ukraine

The United States is still unclear whether or not Russia would attack Ukraine. However, the latest intelligence reports show Russian military and machinery are well-positioned to launch an attack in the near future.

An anonymous official of the Biden administration told the media more than half of the Russian forces are already near Ukraine’s border; the country is busy populating the rest of the border with new forces.

Likewise, the official noted Russia could attack Ukraine early next year, giving the global actors an extremely narrow window to intervene in the situation. Similarly, the same official asserted the attack could include 100 battalion tactical groups, heavily equipped with modern-day weaponry.

These new revelations mark a significant shift from Russia’s previous military deployment on the border when almost 90,000 forces were reported on Ukraine’s border.

The intelligence document obtained by the Washington Post included satellite images of the military buildup on at least four locations.

According to the document, 50 battlefield groups have already been positioned to attack Ukraine, including the tanks which were not present in the images last obtained.

A spokesman for the National Security Council encouraged diplomacy, and not military confrontation, as the best way to ease the situation and help save relations between the two Cold War foes.

American and Russian diplomats blamed each other for rising tensions

On December 2, the top diplomats of the United States and Russia exchanged blame in the Stockholm meeting, which further strained the situation.

Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State who was present in Stockholm, Sweden, blamed Russia for the military buildup on the border, urging European allies to devise a retaliatory plan against Russia with the help of the USA.

Responding to Blinken’s statement, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov vowed to retaliate against any military confrontation, adding NATO should refrain from intervening in Ukraine.

Recently, Ukraine asked for help from NATO, which once again increased concerns of Russia that the country wants to join NATO to come in the alliance, where powerful countries vow to protect each other.

Lloyd Austin, the US Defense Secretary, emphasized Russia to be clear in reporting the true number of forces being stationed at the Russia-Ukraine border.

Speaking about the importance of the international community to the US, Austin added that the American response to the crisis will be devised after discussion with the US global allies.