SHOCKING: Fauci, NIH Use Puppies for Experiments

Shocking reports revealed Dr. Anthony Fauci led the National Institute of Health (NIH) in experiments on beagles. Therefore, the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is now calling on the top disease expert to resign from office. 

Fauci uses beagles in order to run drug tests

The NIH was found to use beagles, among other animals, in doing drug testing, triggering outrage from animal rights activists; included among them was PETA. 

On Friday, PETA posted a tweet, calling for the resignation of the top infectious disease expert and calling out NIH for the disturbing news. The reports detailed the dogs were given drugs and then infested with disease-carrying flies in order to see the efficacy of the drug injected. 

Kathy Guillermo, a laboratory investigation senior vice president, stated Fauci and the NIH tried to defend the inhumane and dangerous system that is outdated with modern-day practices in science.

She added it is time to stop these types of people and start recruiting younger scientists in the leading organizations of the country.

The senior vice president also noted it has been an established fact for ten years that doing tests and experiments on animals not only wastes billions of taxpayers’ money, but also delays the availability of drugs to humans. 

Democrats and Republicans joined forces in criticizing Fauci

On the other hand, the shocking report raised criticism from both parties in a rare concurrence of forces in Congress. Republican congresswoman Nancy Mace, together with 23 Democrats and Republican members of Congress, penned a letter to the top infectious disease expert.

This letter is stating they wanted to conduct an investigation against Fauci in relation to the damning reports. 

It can be noted the concerns about animal testing in the country have been widespread and the NIH previously made a statement back in October. According to the NIH, the experiments they are doing right now abide by the regulations of the department and are protected by law. 

Meanwhile, Republican Senator Ted Cruz accused Fauci and NIAID of “torturing puppies” and ignoring more efficient means of drug testing. Cruz then called the ambitions of Fauci “disgusting” and asked people to stand up against the top disease expert. 

Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert likewise echoed the same sentiments, stating the people should make Fauci accountable.  Boebert also reminded it was former President Trump who first called Fauci a “puppy killer.”

Now, the reports are giving more evidence to back up Trump’s claim. 

As the disturbing report was circulated on the internet and therefore went viral, social media users likewise asked for the immediate resignation of Fauci.

However, some reports also surfaced, stating the top infectious disease expert supposedly has no involvement whatsoever in the aforementioned experiments.