Shocking Attack: Nancy Pelosi Breaks Silence on Husband’s Assault

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi remarked in a statement to any and all Congress members that her household is “heartbroken,” following her husband, Paul Pelosi, being attacked by a “violent individual.”

This happened early on Friday morning in their San Francisco home.

Violent Attack on Paul Pelosi

“Early yesterday, a violent criminal broke into our private residence, started demanding to face me, and savagely assaulted my husband Paul. Our kids, grandkids, and I are brokenhearted and deeply affected by the life-threatening assault on our Pop.”

“We are thankful for the speedy reaction of police officers and ambulance crews, and for the life-saving medical treatment he is getting,” Nancy Pelosi wrote in a “Dear Colleague” message to all Congress members on Saturday.

Nancy Pelosi stated her household has gotten an “outpouring” of sympathy from fellow congressmembers, adding that Paul Pelosi’s “health is continuing to improve.”

Pelosi stated, “Rest assured the overflow of prayers and well wishes from so many members of Congress is a consolation to our family. It is aiding Paul’s rehabilitation as his health is continuing to improve.”

Nancy Pelosi said, “We appreciate you and hope for the continuing protection and wellness of your families.”

David DePape, 42, has been charged with attempted murder, assault using a deadly weapon, elder abuse, robbery, and other offenses in connection to the assault that occurred around 2:00 a.m., according to San Francisco Police Chief William Scott on Friday.

Scott reported that Paul Pelosi and DePape were arguing over a hammer while police officers responded at the Pelosis’ home.

Officers issued a directive for the men to release the hammer; as stated by Scott, DePape attacked Paul Pelosi after receiving the order.

Law enforcement officers then grabbed DePape and took him to arrest. Authorities are probing a potential motivation. Scott stated that Paul Pelosi was struck with the hammer a minimum of one time in the head.

Paul Pelosi was taken to a local hospital, where he underwent surgery to treat a skull fracture, as well as other wounds, as stated by a spokesperson for Nancy Pelosi.

He is predicted to make a complete recovery, the spokesperson added.

Attacker After Nancy Pelosi

When DePape allegedly burst into the house, the accused shouted “Where is Nancy?” based on reports from officials and insiders.

Paul Pelosi referred to DePape as a “friend” in the distress call, based on the audio of the dispatch and stated DePape was insisting on waiting for and confronting Nancy Pelosi.”

“Based on up-to-date investigations, we see this was not an unrelated incident. This was a deliberate act of violence. It’s improper.”

“Our elected representatives are present to conduct the affairs of their cities, counties, states, and country. Their families did not volunteer for this,” Scott said in a Friday briefing.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.