Shock: How Long Has the FBI Been Covering Up For Joe Biden?

New evidence has emerged of the FBI covering up for the Biden crime family all the way back to 2017.

The Republican-led House Oversight Committee is now looking into this evidence. Here’s what we know so far….

The FBI Ignored Biden Crimes

The House Oversight Committee discovered that an informant came forward in 2017 about then-VP Joe Biden being bribed by someone in Ukraine. The FBI then did nothing.

House Oversight chief Congressman James Comer of Kentucky plans to question current FBI head Chris Wray about why he didn’t respond to a subpoena on this investigation.

In fact, Wray only provided a heavily-censored report of what happened. As for what the informant came forward with in 2017, it showed a “substantial bribe” sent to Biden of $5 million by an unnamed individual from Ukraine.

Comer would not comment on whether this bribe to VP Biden was from Mykola Zlochevsky of Burisma Energy, which gave Hunter Biden a profitable place on its board.

The FBI Was Tipped Three Times

The informant came forward about improper payments to Biden in 2017, then again some months after. The informant contacted the FBI with evidence again in June of 2020.

The FBI had real information about what was going on from their informant; this informant was actually paid out $200,000 for their work on behalf of the bureau.

So why didn’t the FBI do anything with this evidence from a trusted source?

The Bottom Line

Hunter Biden is currently being investigated for tax crimes and paid out over $2 million so far.

Yet, this case goes a lot deeper. It shows the Burisma bribery that conservatives have been talking about for years now was already on the FBI’s radar by 2017!

The far left media, along with Big Tech, helped censor the Hunter laptop story and told people anyone who mentioned Burisma was a conspiracy theorist.

It turns out we were right all along. Enough is enough!

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.