Seven Biden and Harris Quotes That Will Hurt Them During Midterms

Over the last two years, Americans have witnessed the radicalization of the Democrat Party and its friends on the left.

Crazy Democratic Policies

Whether it’s Defund the Police action, crazy open borders policy, or viciously divisive rhetoric, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have repeatedly done the bidding of extreme far left-wing forces that currently control the Democrat Party.

Polls indicate that Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and their compatriots on the left will soon face their day of judgment, just under three weeks before the midterm elections .

Democratic prospects for retaining their razor-thin majorities in Congress are bleaker than ever. Democrats stoked the fires of disorder and the flawed idea of “reimagining” policing when it came time to stand in solidarity with cops.

When it came time to restore our economy in a sensible manner following the COVID-19 lockdowns, the Democrats squandered tax monies like drunken sailors and precipitated an inflation catastrophe with no apparent end in sight.

Don’t ever forget when Democrats failed to implement their socialist wish list, they vowed to load the U.S. Supreme Court with like-minded extremists.

Various declarations, statements, and remarks were delivered during the Democrats’ radicalization shift that Biden, Harris, and the left will be sorry for on Election Day.

Here are seven of the most notorious cases that will hopefully pave the way for the decisive loss of Democrats on November 8:

1. Joe Biden: “Talking about inflation, the general view is that it will rise little and then fall again.”

2. Kamala Harris: “For much too long, conventional wisdom has held that increasing the number of police officers on the street will increase public safety. That is simply incorrect; that is not how it happens.”

3. Joe Biden: “We do not require any country to pick between the United States and other potential partners.”

Kamala Lies

4. Kamala Harris: “Our border is secure.”

5. Joe Biden: “What they are doing in Georgia and 40 other areas is Jim Crow on steroids.”

6. Joe Biden: “In my government, the Justice Department will be completely independent of me.”

7. Joe Biden: “When MAGA Republicans view America, they see destruction, gloom, and hopelessness.”

In his inauguration address, Biden declared, “Unity is the route forward” and committed to unite our divided nation.

A year and a half later, though, Biden gave a prime-timetime address in which he effectively labeled 74 million Americans as a democratic threat.

Unfortunately, since assuming office, Biden has frequently opted to be the defender of the radical left, rather than the moderate statesman he pledged to be.

The radicalization of the Democrat Party wreaked havoc on our economy, security, and defense; it is time for a leadership transition.

Never ignore that when it counted most, Democrats capitulated repeatedly to the radical left, rather than governing properly for all Americans.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.