Serious Evidence Stacks Up Against Trans Social Media Personality

"2018.05.19 Capital TransPride, Washington, DC USA 00484" by Ted Eytan

Ever since the infamous Twitter account, LibsOfTikTok, shared content on trans “activist” Eli Erlick, the self-proclaimed hormone drug trafficker has been in quite the spotlight, with dozens of reports of sexual misconduct surfacing left and right.

Even though he’s still using the hormone therapy the majority of trans people go through, Erlick decided to ship out his surplus drugs to minors who can’t access them in their own states.

There is evidence of this operation dating back to September 2021.

“Transquid” by Quinn Dombrowski

Trans “activist” promotes hormone drug trafficking ring

Despite running criminal operations from the comfort of his home, Erlick doesn’t exactly try to hide it.

He even tagged Greg Abbott in one of his tweets, right after the Texas governor declared hormone treatments on minors to be akin to child abuse.

The thing is though, no matter how hard Erlick tries to sugarcoat his drug trafficking ring, claiming it to be a “noble cause,” the fact still remains that it’s a felony.

It is a felony to manufacture, distribute, or possess controlled medicines without any actual medical purpose.

Unfortunately, the woke crowd wasn’t having the way Erlick was being treated. Hundreds of them flocked to his defense, claiming his “support” helped them gain access to the chemicals they needed to “be themselves.”

Although many would argue the same could then also apply to an adult buying alcohol for minors.

Soon after Erlick’s operation was uncovered, prominent right-wing figures like Matt Walsh called for his arrest, with at least a dozen sharing their reports to the DEA.

One of Erlick’s victims commits suicide

However, Erlick isn’t just guilty of shipping out controlled substances to minors. Multiple victims of rape stepped up now that he’s under heavy criticism, one of which he’d violated until she bled, leaving right after.

It’s important to note some of these rape accusations date back to 2016, with the victims’ reports likely buried by the deranged liberals working hard to keep the “woke” looking as woke as possible.

One such victim, Danie Yun Diamond, was silenced through a smear campaign orchestrated by none other than Erlick himself. This resulted in Danie’s suicide three years later in 2019, after extensive abuse from Erlick’s followers.

Many others shared concerning information regarding Erlick’s involvement in the local transgender circles in San Francisco, claiming he’s known for preying on younger members of the community.

This part of his personality comes in full view, now that he’s openly advertising his drug trafficking ring on social media. With there being a focus on transgender minors, everyone’s concerns are perfectly justified.

It remains for us to see if justice is really blind and if it can resist the pressure of leftist influences that are getting stronger in all spheres of society, including in the legal system of the United States.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.