Senator Warren’s Ambiguous Response on VP Harris’ 2024 Role

In 2019, Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts was certain of her capabilities to become the Democratic presidential nominee in a crowded field. It was a field including Joe Biden, a former vice president and senator, and Kamala Harris, her colleague from California.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Gave Biden the Choice

Despite the disappointing outcomes of both Senator Harris and Senator Warren’s presidential bids, Joe Biden emerged as the Democratic candidate and selected Harris as his vice presidential pick.

The choice was greatly swayed by powerful backers who strongly pushed for a black woman to take on the role.

While Warren was also a contender for the vice presidential nomination and shared a long-standing friendship with Senator Harris dating back to 2008, she swiftly endorsed the Biden-Harris ticket.

She eagerly expressed her joy at being reunited with her old friend from their time together a decade prior.

Two years after the results of the 2020 election, Warren’s frustration from the loss became clear. She was quoted in a book as saying many people had informed her they would have voted for her and she potentially could have won the nomination if she were a man.

As speculation continues to grow around Biden’s official announcement for his reelection, Warren made it clear that she supports Biden. Nevertheless, when asked about her thoughts on Harris being Biden’s running mate in 2024, Warren has remained ambiguous, stating the following:

“I prefer to leave the choice to what makes Biden feel comfortable with his team. Kamala and I go way back, I have fond memories of working with her on addressing the housing crisis when she was attorney general and I was still teaching.”

“The most crucial aspect is for Biden and Harris to work together seamlessly, and based on what I can see, they are doing just that. I am not implying any issues between them, they seem to be a cohesive team.”

Warren’s Comments Sparked Speculation About Her Potential Role

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recent comments about the Biden-Harris ticket have sparked speculation about her potential role as vice president.

Despite Warren’s claims that she is deferring to what makes Biden comfortable with his team, reports of infighting within the Harris and Biden camps, as well as between Biden and Harris themselves, have been widely circulating.

A recent book has also detailed Biden’s early realization that picking Harris as his running mate may have been a mistake.

These recent developments have led many to believe that Warren may be signaling her availability for the vice presidential position, should Biden decide to part ways with Harris.

Despite Biden’s recent affirmations of his loyalty to certain influential supporters and his position on Harris, Warren’s uncertain stance highlights the transactional nature of political relationships.