Senate in Damage Control Mode Over Trump Raid

Following the publication of the document used to get an FBI warrant to search the Mar-a-Lago estate of former President Trump, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee said on Friday his body asked for a “damage assessment.”

Will We Ever Know?

According to the affidavit disclosed this morning, most of the most sensitive intelligence seemed to be among the classified materials at Mar-a-Lago.

It is one explanation why Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) urged on a bipartisan basis that the Senate Committee on Intelligence appraise any concern for national security presented by the improper management of this information.

Warner did not explain how he arrived at the decision that Mar-a-Lago documents included “our most sensitive intelligence.”

The affidavit made public on Friday, as per a judge’s order, was heavily redacted and offered little information about the FBI’s search criteria or the justification for the search of Trump’s Florida property earlier this month.

It said three laws, including the one regulating the storage of such documents, may have been broken by Trump.

Justice Department investigators stated, “There is reasonable cause to suspect papers containing classified ND and presidency files remain at the facility” in a section of the affidavit that was severely redacted.

Prosecutors later stated the document sought permission to search the “45 Office,” all storage spaces, and any other places or places where packages or records could have been kept on the premises.

More information

The warrant and asset receipt disclosure was previously mandated by the case’s judge, Bruce Reinhart.

Even though Trump and his former advisers claimed he classified those records, those documents revealed FBI officers taking 11 boxes of purportedly classified and top-secret information.

The Wall Street Journal reported the records were declassified; though former Trump national security advisor Kash Patel, host of EpochTV’s “Kash’s Corner,” did not understand what they included.

Patel, however, asserted he had suspicions about the records connected to the 2016 FBI Crossfire Hurricane probe, often known as “Russiagate.”

The inquiry eventually turned out to be quite contentious since there was no proof Trump collaborated with Russia, verified by the almost two-year special counsel probe led by former FBI director Robert Mueller.

“The affidavit demonstrates the request should not have been authorized,” Trump commented on social media in response to the article’s publication on Friday.

Trump said on Truth Social that U.S. Magistrate Judge Reinhart, who approved the warrant earlier in August, “should NEVER have permitted the invasion of my home.”

“Affidavit with many redactions! Nothing on “Nuclear,” a complete public relations ruse by the FBI and DOJ, or our close professional relationship with documents turnover.”

“WE GAVE THEM MUCH,” tweeted Trump on Friday in reference to unnamed sources’ reports that nuclear codes may have been brought to Mar-a-Lago.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.