School Official Resigned After Leaking Parents’ Personal Information

Norma Garcia-Lopez, a racial equity member of the Texas school board, resigned from her position after leaking the personal information of parents. This particularly involved parents who voiced out their opposition against the stringent mask mandate of the school board.

Garcia-Lopez released personal information as a form of retaliation against the parents

In her resignation email obtained by Fox News, Garcia-Lopez noted the only reason for her service in the Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) was to give every student deserving respect and equity.

However, she asserted under the constant “vile and relentless” attacks on her by the “white supremacists,” her resignation became a compulsion.

The spokeswoman for the district school board, Claudia Garibay, confirmed her resignation, adding she was not an employee, but a volunteer serving the district.

Recently, mother Kerri Rehmeyer teamed up with others and sued the school district over the mask mandate. However, Norma Garcia-Lopez released personal information of the mother to the public, which created a backlash from the parents.

Kerri Rehmeyer told Fox News she was happy about Gracia-Lopez’s departure. However, she said the board of trustees should take more action against the departed volunteer.

Rehmeyer also said the school board should not discriminate against parents, adding the board will still continue ignoring parents’ concerns.

Garcia-Lopez bullied parents for suing school boards for mask mandate 

Despite the fact Gracia-Lopez admitted releasing parents’ personal information while encouraging others to call them out, she negated the charges that she “doxxed” parents. She suggested if parents sue authorities publicly, releasing their personal information does not count as “doxing.”

The leaked personal information included the phone numbers of parents, their addresses, their places of work, and their work email addresses. After the release, local activists thanked her, to which she responded these people need to be “called out.”

In addition to this, Garcia-Lopez also called one of the parents and left an extremely abusive voicemail, having offensive words like “f— you” and “bit-h,” included in it.

Even after the voicemail, she said her words against the parents were perceived as offensive, while the real offense was shown by the white parents. Garcia-Lopez also claimed the impacted parents sent a mob to attack her so she could stop advocating for racial equity.

After the information leakage, Rehmeyer noted that she received 17 voice mails from a single person during her work, further adding that some parents’ employers received negative reviews from the online abusers who tried to silence the parents.

School board members defended Gracia-Lopez in the press conference last Thursday when she allegedly received threats.

Not only this, but some officials also staged protests in favor of Lopez after her resignation, calling for relevant authorities to take appropriate actions against the parents.