Schiff Announces His Run for Senate in 2024

Even though California Senator Dianne Feinstein has yet to announce a reelection run in 2024, many of her Democrat colleagues have already begun salivating at the possibility of her seat being vacant. Rep. Adam Schiff is no different.

The common consensus is the 89-year-old veteran likely doesn’t have the mental capabilities to retain her position. Numerous others have already declared that they’ll be running for a seat in the Senate.

Schiff’s actions might make for a noteworthy 2024 Senate battle

Rep. Katie Porter was one of many who showed their intentions and she did it after barely being sworn into her second term in Congress; whereas Rep. Barbara Lee showed a crumb of respect for her elderly colleague.

Instead of jumping the gun, Lee stated she’ll wait for Feinstein to announce she won’t be going for a reelection run. Schiff, on the other hand, wasted no time in securing his spot in the race and he has officially filed his run in the 2024 Senate election.

According to him, Senate needs a “fighter,” whatever that was supposed to mean, considering the only thing he’s fought for was making sure that bundles of classified information get leaked on a regular basis.

He delivered a statement regarding his upcoming run, claiming he’s willing to duke it out for our democracy as well as the working families in America; the speech is akin to something you’d hear from a more conservative candidate.

Of course, he tried to defend his run by claiming he’d already discussed it with Feinstein before making the filing. However, it’s fair to say he had no other options, seeing as McCarthy kicked him from the Intelligence Committee the moment Democrats lost control of the House.

The 2024 election season will make for some good television

While it was certainly a long time coming for Schiff to announce his run for Senate, this pairing may make for a popcorn-worthy battle among the Democrats.

Porter has certainly received a fair share of criticism for her announcement after she’d just won her previous election; many have argued she should’ve stepped aside to allow Schiff, who’s much more experienced, to take the seat.

On top of this, the allegations from the past couple of months won’t help her much either. It’s been revealed that she’s been treating her campaign staffers like complete garbage, a trait common among Democrats.

Get stocked up on snacks and beverages for the Senate battles in 2024, because things are bound to get really interesting in no time.

Of course, this will pale in comparison to the presidential election, especially if Biden announces a reelection run because that one’s bound to be a slaughter, regardless of who the GOP puts up as the nominee.

Trump’s campaign has been losing a lot of gas lately. The large number of alternatives that popped up out of nowhere isn’t helping his chances, either. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may just be the change we needed.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.