Satanic Temple Organization Announces Largest Satanic Gathering in US History

It’s not hard to say things have gone off the rails recently, especially now that a satanic organization is protesting a city’s attempts to bar them from gathering in public spaces.

As woke as Boston Mayor Michelle Wu is, her decision to prohibit the Satanic Temple members from gathering in large crowds is bound to be celebrated by more than a few conservatives in the area.

Where did we go wrong?

However, this prompted a response from the devil worshippers, who announced SatanCon 2023 to be themed after “Hexennacht in Boston,” which can roughly be translated into “Night of the witches in Boston.”

The convention is set to line up with the German holiday under the same name, which takes place on April 30th; although SatanCon will begin two days prior to it.

For some reason, this event will also include discussion panels, ritual instructions, and even a marketplace for artifacts used by Satanists, all of it in broad daylight.

However, the group did clarify they do not explicitly believe in Satan as an entity, but rather, their goal is to promote benevolence and empathy among all people, which is hard to believe if one is using the icon of sin as their poster child.

In May, the Satanic Temple requested the city of Boston to fly their flag over the city hall, following a ruling from the Supreme Court that decided the city couldn’t prohibit a Christian group from putting its flag on display.

Demon worshippers in our schools

Much to their dismay, the city of Boston closed the applications for flag raising in October 2021; no Satanic flag was on display for everyone to look at.

What this led to was a series of lawsuits against the city, including one that claimed the group’s members were excluded from delivering prayers during city council meetings.

All of a sudden, this whole Satan-worshipping thing has become something much less spiritual and much more political.

In fact, if you followed the trail of breadcrumbs, you’d be sure to find the agenda they’re promoting isn’t much different from the woke stuff Antifa and similar groups have been peddling for a while now.

Sadly, things wouldn’t stop there; just like anything opposing authority these days, this satanic movement will slowly make its way into our schools.

This November, an elementary school in California announced they’ll be implementing an After School Satan Program, which, arguably, still sounds better than having your child lectured by a man in drag.

However, the district’s superintendent Stacey Larson-Everson added this only means the program was approved; there is no indication the district is endorsing the Satanic Temple group.

The backlash was immense. The worst thing about it was there was absolutely nothing parents could do, seeing as it was a religious program on a voluntary basis, just like any other the school had already approved.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.