Russia’s Ukraine War Death Toll Surpasses 50,000 as Putin Recruits Mental Patients

(Social media photo of the poster used for recruiting Russian mental health patients to fight in Ukraine.)

The number of Russian troops killed in bloodthirsty dictator Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine surpassed 50,000.

That’s not counting killed Russian mercenaries and proxies. Now, reports claim the desperate regime also started to recruit mental health patients to be thrown as cannon fodder against Ukrainians.

Russia’s Fighters Getting Decimated

For the first time on Tuesday, the number of Russian soldiers killed in combat in Ukraine surpassed 50,000, as per the official count of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

According to some Russian sources, this may even be undercounting the casualties of the Russian military.

On August 24, Ukraine’s Independence Day, the head of the Ukrainian military announced more than 9,000 Ukrainian troops have been killed in combat in the war against the invaders so far.

At the same time, the Ukrainian defenders have already destroyed about 12,500 units of Russian military equipment.

(Video from footage from Russian Zvezda TV shows a limping Putin meeting with service members.)

The Insane May Be Mixed With Convicts

Against the backdrop of Russia’s staggering losses in the war against Ukraine, reports emerged that the Putin regime is recruiting fighters from a mental health hospital in St. Petersburg.

A recruitment poster from the Second Psychoneurological Dispensary in Russia’s second-largest city leaked online. It’s inviting mental patients to join three volunteer battalions named after geographic features in the vicinity of the city: “Neva”, “Kronstadt,” and “Pavlovsk.”

The poster says volunteers who join with at least six-month contracts will get monthly salaries and compensations for housing and communal payments.

Other benefits promised to the recruits include “one-time material assistance,” university admission without competition, and a combat veteran status.

The poster seemed to have been removed as of Tuesday, The Daily Mail informs in a report.

It turned out the poster remains on the website of the same mental health hospital. The same poster was also reported to be standing at another local clinic.

A report by Newsweek claimed another advertisement showed mental health patients how to manage to pass a psychiatric exam so they could get a firearm permit from authorities.

A Russian investigative reporter, Andrey Zakharov, declared on Twitter the moment in which Putin is recruiting the insane for his military arrived.

He wondered whether the Russian military would form entire units made up of mental health patients or whether those would be mixed with “convicts,” who have already been recruited from Russian prisons.

Even though Russian forces in Ukraine have been struggling, the Putin regime refuses to announce all-out mobilization, fearing it may cause a revolution in Moscow that could topple it.

Instead, it has been relying on recruitment campaigns and partial “quiet” mobilization. At the start of the campaign invasion, the Russian military had some 400,000 contract troops; 147,000 of those were in the ground forces.

A recently leaked document from the Russian Ministry of Defense said 76,000 members of the military have been killed or wounded in the war so far.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.