Russia’s New Tactic Has Germany Panicking

When he was in office, President Trump issued a warning; he said Germany’s complete dependence on Russian gas was a national security threat to the continent. He was precisely correct.

While the treasonous leftist media and politicians were focused on trying to frame Trump for a Russian spy plot that never happened, he was trying to stop exactly what is now happening.

Russia has Germany in a headlock and is starving it for energy as Vladimir Putin continues to wage a war in Ukraine.

Trump Warned Them, But They Didn’t Listen

Trump warned them. Europe thought he was an idiot and ignored it. They also ignored his very prescient warning about NATO needing to build up and fund more EU forces.

Perhaps arrogant EU liberals would have done well to take a look at Trump’s track record because what they would have noticed is he has a nasty habit of being dead right.

Though no, they needed to feel all superior and intellectual so they laughed him off.

Now, Russia is flaring $10 million of natural gas a day. It’s letting Germany freeze to death, while Moscow ravages through the Ukrainian heartland and NATO stands by like an idiot watching it happen.

Well, who could have known right? Trump tried to tell you. You ignored him. Now, Germany is having the gas that should be coming in burnt off into the atmosphere while Putin laughs.

Nord Stream I has already seen these kinds of intentional interruptions before; any smart analyst could have seen this coming from miles away. Russia already had the amount of gas down massively in July; now, they have ended it altogether.

They say they’re fixing some technical issues. What they’re actually doing is putting a middle finger in Germany’s face.

Germany doesn’t have the reserves to keep offsetting these cuts forever. They are being humiliated and starved out of gas for their arrogant ignorance.

Germany Gets Punked

Germany has noted that there isn’t any real technical issue happening with Nord Stream I. The technical issue is Putin’s middle finger in their faces.

Right near Finland you can see the natural gas bursting off into the atmosphere. Instead of going to Germany it’s going bye bye.

Finnish people have noticed it burning off at an LNG plant and experts say that Russia is basically most likely doing it to send a message.

The fact of the matter is that Russia has that luxury, especially since Germany made no real preparations for this and ignored Trump’s very well thought out advice.

The Bottom Line

Trump was right, the EU was wrong. Now they’re being humiliated on the world stage and left without natural gas as Russia brutalizes Ukraine.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.