Russian Soldiers Resort to Ludicrous Tricks to Escape Putin’s War in Ukraine

(Social media photo via Ukraine Weapons Tracker shows a captured rare Russian T-80 tank operated by Ukrainian troops)

The fighters from the “grand army” of Russia are resorting to ridiculous tricks.

These tricks include fake marriages in order to escape from the frontlines, according to conversations intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence, exposing dire Russian morale.

Low Morale Amid Horrible Losses

The Russian dictatorship imagined their wannabe conquest of Ukraine as nothing but a “special military operation,” in which Ukrainians surrendered in days, if not hours.

Instead of that, however, the Russians got the largest war in Europe since World War II as plucky defenders of Ukraine managed to beat them all over the map.

The Russian invasion in the north was fully defeated in the Battle for Kyiv, leaving the Putin command to focus on a minimalist plan of tossing everything they have left in a desperate onslaught to conquer at least the southeastern Donbass region.

Even as the Ukrainian troops on that front are tremendously outgunned, Russians are still unable to achieve a big breakthrough.

In the meantime, in the 104 days of fighting so far, the Ukrainians have inflicted mind-blowing losses upon the Russian aggressors.


(Social media photo via Ukraine Weapons Tracker shows Ukrainian troops posing in front of a destroyed Russian armored vehicle)

Everyone Trying to Get Away from Putin’s Frontline

Since the very start of the Russian invasion, reports abounded as to the terribly low morale of the aggressors, their failing logistics, and the incompetence of the Russian commanders.

There have been entire units refusing to fight, numerous soldiers shooting themselves in the leg in order to be sent back home, Russian troops eating Ukrainian dogs, and raiding groceries stores in order to survive.

That’s not to mention the presence of death squads behind the frontlines directly shooting those trying to retreat, desert, or surrender, as per the harrowing accounts of Russian POWs in Ukrainian hands.

A fresh batch of taped Russian soldiers’ telephone conversations newly released by the Ukrainian Security Service has revealed two further shocking developments.

These developments include servicemen trying to arrange fake marriages back home to avoid the frontline.

They also include families of Russian troops “starting businesses” dealing with sales of goods looted from Ukraine and shipped to them by their men.

In one of the newly leaked conversations, a Russian soldier is heard telling a friend of his that many Russian military officers are making desperate, but unsuccessful, attempts to be discharged from active duty.

In another intercepted Russian soldier’s phone call, the speaker complains his unit has been sitting with no water supplies in the summer heat.

Another intercepted call exposed how a Russian soldier is discussing with a female relative, likely his mother, the sale of household appliances looted from Ukrainian houses that he shipped back home.

This appears as a lucrative small-sized “enterprise” with the spoils of war.