Russia Not Taking American Phone Calls

Russian defense officials are ignoring the United States, as revealed by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

According to him, the United States has not made a military line with Russia since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Pentagon Disappointed with Russian Ignorance 

Speaking to Fox News on Thursday, John Kirby indicated America had been continuously trying to reach Russia since the start of the war. However, all of these attempts have been unsuccessful, as Russia continues ignoring America.

While claiming Russia is not “willing to pick up the phone,” Kirby established that the Biden administration is trying hard to establish a relationship with various Russian officials. 

This includes its minister of defense, Chief of the General Staff, as well as many other top military officials.

Thus, the co-host of the program, Sandra Smith, asked Kirby how he perceived this complete silence from Russia. Responding to this, the spokesman said it is “hard to know” the demands of Russia with this type of silence.

One of the reasons, Kirby continued, Russia is not attending the calls of the United States is America would demand from them the complete withdrawal of the forces for the benefit of everyone.

It is pertinent to mention the Biden administration already made the same demands from Russia using diplomatic and media channels, yet Putin has been consistent in turning a blind eye toward the United States.

According to Kirby, this is “unfortunate” because this is a crucial time to establish a military line between both countries.

Kirby Did Not Back Biden’s Claims Regarding Russia

Earlier Thursday, Biden extended baseless conspiracy theories that the Russian president has either fired or put some of his advisers on house arrest.

This week, the US intelligence reports maintained the distance within the Putin administration has been rising. Putin is facing an unexpected backlash from Ukrainian forces, which tempted him to blame his advisers.

Some reports are even indicating that Putin’s advisers lied to him regarding the progress of the war to make him happy.

Kirby’s remarks did not back Biden’s opinion or intelligence reports. When the spokesperson was asked if the Russian military is still working with the Russian president, he revealed he does not have a fair idea of the organizational hierarchy of Russia.

He claimed there is no information present with the Pentagon, which suggests that Russian top military leadership has been removed from their roles.

While concluding his interview, Kirby stated the White House wants Ukraine to be successful in the war.

The unexpected behavior of Russia is worrying the world at the moment.

While it resumed its attacks just after one day of de-escalation claims, now Russia has announced opening a humanitarian corridor from the troubled city of Mariupol.

This came at a time when the city was being destroyed to the maximum possible extent, and the residents lost their hope.