Russia Is Already Firing Nuclear Missiles at Ukraine – But There’s a Catch

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The regime of bloodthirsty Russian authoritarian Vladimir Putin is already hitting Ukrainian cities with old nuclear missiles.

The catch is that their nuclear payloads have been removed, and the Russian military is using them to inflict conventional damage as it is desperately short of modern missiles, an analysis of the British Defense Ministry reveals.

Reign of Terror through Rain of Missiles

Powerless to score a battlefield victory of any sort, the by now well-disgraced and discredited military and mercenary forces of Putin’s Russia resorted long ago to terrorizing Ukraine’s civilian population.

In recent months, the Russians have been firing various types of missiles and other attack weapons, such as Iranian-made killer drones, directly into residential buildings and other civilian venues, a horrendous, shocking war crime with no regard for the rules of war whatsoever.

Putin mainly targets Ukrainian energy infrastructure to leave the resisting Ukrainians in the cold and dark in the middle of the winter, desperately imagining that this would break their resistance spirit.

Moscow’s Murderous Mission Continues

Friday marked the ninth month since the Moscow tyrant started the biggest war in Europe since World War II in a mistaken bid to restore the former Soviet empire by reconquering Ukraine for Russia.

Armed with some of the best US and other Western weaponry, the ferocious Ukrainian defenders have already destroyed over 18,000 pieces of Russian heavy military equipment.

More than 87,300 regular Russian military servicemen have also been killed in battle so far, as of Sunday morning, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

If the killed Russian mercenaries and proxies are also counted, the dead Russian fighters exceed 120,000, while Moscow’s total casualties, including the wounded and missing, are well beyond 200,000.

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Putin Has Put Old Soviet Nuclear Missiles to ‘Good Use’

Putin’s military is so desperately short of missiles that it has started firing old Soviet nuclear cruise missiles without the actual nuclear payloads, the UK Ministry of Defense announced in its Saturday’s intelligence update.

The British military posted as evidence photos of AS-15 Kent cruise missiles shot down by Ukrainian air defenses.

The AS-15 is an air-launched missile developed by the former Soviet Union in the 1980s as a nuclear weapon delivery system.

According to the UK Defense Ministry, Putin’s military most probably extracted the nuclear warheads and replaced them with ballast.

The dummy nuclear missiles were then fired against Ukraine with likely two primary purposes: using their kinetic energy and unused fuel to cause some damage on the ground; and hoping such low-quality targets would distract Ukraine’s air defenses.

What’s Putin’s Purpose in Doing All This?

The British military emphasized, however, that Putin’s apparent nuclear missile “improvisation” against Ukraine was “unlikely to achieve reliable effects” – “whatever Russia’s intent.”

At the same time, it clearly exposes how much Russia’s long-range missile stock has been “depleted.”

On Saturday, Ukraine’s courageous leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that the latest batch of Russian missile strikes had led six million households in the country with no power.

Earlier this week, Britain’s Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly, declared in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv that “Russia will fail” to break Ukraine’s will to respite despite the former’s “brutal attacks on civilians.”

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.