Russia Clears Path for Killing US Fighters Caught in Ukraine, Denies POW Status

(Captured US military vets are seen in Russian propaganda videos under duress)

The regime of bloodthirsty Russian leader Vladimir Putin appears set on executing two captured US military veterans who were defending the liberty of Ukraine and the entire Free World.

The Moscow dictatorship is treating them as sheer mercenaries, thus denying them POW status and the respective protection they are entitled to under international law.

The message that Putin is either going to execute the two Americans by firing squad or exact a very high toll for freeing them has come from his closest mouthpiece, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, in an interview for a US media outlet.

Captured as Russia Attempts to Regain Initiative at Key Ukrainian City

The two American fighters – Alexander Drueke and Andy Huynh – fell into Russian captivity earlier this month in an ambush by superior invasion forces near the city of Kharkiv.

Both are natives of Alabama. Drueke is a former serviceman from the US Army who served in Iraq, while Huynh is a former US Marine.

While Ukraine almost liberated the region of Kharkiv, which is north of the Donbas region, in the past couple of weeks, Russians have been trying to regain the initiative there; that was how the two Americans got caught.

According to accounts by their comrades, their 10-men unit was ambushed by a 100-strong Russian company with several tanks.

Drueke and Huynh even managed to disable a T-72 Russian tank using only hand grenades before they disappeared and were later revealed to have been caught.

(NBC News video snapshot shows Putin’s mouthpiece Dmitry Peskov)

Putin Tells New Lies

Speaking in an interview for NBC News, Putin’s mouthpiece Dmitry Peskov obnoxiously denied the two captured American fighters any legal protection whatsoever.

This protection is supposed to be granted to them under the 1949 Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War.

According to Peskov, relaying Putin’s thoughts and intentions, the US military vets who went to Ukraine to help it defend its freedom and territory from the vicious invasion of the Russian hordes, are mere criminals.

Peskov even described Drueke and Huynh as “soldiers of fortune”.

Peskov even did the typical Russian thing, a Marxist-Communist trademark, by denying the obvious. He claimed Drueke and Huynh aren’t members of the Ukrainian military, even though they clearly are.

Respectively, based on the lie he told, the Putin operative concluded they could have no protection under the Geneva convention.

Earlier in June, two British military vets captured fighting for Ukraine were sentenced to death by firing squad, alongside a Moroccan national who is even naturalized in Ukraine by marriage.

At the end of last week, Russia’s foreign-language propaganda network RT (Russia Today) released brief videos of Drueke and Huynh denouncing the war, seemingly under duress, with traces of torture on their faces.

Both of them, Huynh in particular, can be seen with very frightened expressions on their faces.