Russia and America Move Forward Towards a Deadly War

Since the talks between Russia and the United States failed over Ukraine escalation, the threat of war is at an all-time high.

Poland has also warned the possibility of war in Europe is greater than at any time in the last thirty years.

Russia has given NATO new meaning

Many international experts believe the events would take unwanted turns before the situation comes back to normal.

The head of the Moscow-based Council for Foreign and Defense Policies, Fyodor Lukyanov, indicated the perceptions of both the United States and Russia are far different.

Both of them have to touch the heights of unprecedented extents to know the reality before coming up with an agreement.

Western thinkers believe Putin needs to show flexibility in order to avoid imminent conflict.

Likewise, some commentators are indicating Russia’s stance against the expansion of NATO has once again rejuvenated the military alliance, the existence of which has often been criticized.

Former American diplomat Jeff Rathke stated during this uncertain and tense period, Putin needs to step back to make things work.

According to him, the Russian president has pushed himself to the limits; it is hard for him to backtrack without winning approval for his own terms and redefining the security framework of Europe.

Ranging from US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan to Biden, almost everyone claimed that Russia is facing the “stark choice.”

Russia accuses America of exercising a monopoly on NATO

Contrary to this, Russia claimed its demands are “absolutely imperative,” while noting if the West does not consider them, the talks on other issues will become irrelevant.

It is pertinent to mention Russia has asked NATO for a guarantee that the alliance would not ever offer Ukraine its membership while pulling out its troops from Eastern Europe.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also touted Putin’s agenda, saying for a very long time, Russia was trying to persuade America to start talks on the European security infrastructure; however, the US agreed to discuss the matter only recently.

While discussing Russia’s vision of not expanding NATO, the foreign minister highlighted the final decision of NATO depends on the point of view of the United States; every other country just marches on the American decision.

So, according to Lavrov, when the United States wants to buy some time for negotiation with its allies, it is just an eyewash used to delay the talks.

Reportedly, the real threat of war lies in the fact that neither Biden nor Putin is ready to take a backstep in front of their domestic and global audiences.

The vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Andre Weiss, suggested the Russian track record shows they “mean business.”