Ron DeSantis Endorses Holding Fauci Accountable

Weeks ago, Americans learned that at the end of this year, Fauci will be stepping down from his work for the NIAID and as the White House’s COVID adviser.

Before, the infectious diseases official claimed he wouldn’t be stepping down until after Joe Biden finished his current term in office.

Despite Fauci’s new announcement, the country hasn’t forgotten about the negative impacts his leadership had on Americans in 2020 and 2021. Fauci repeatedly backed various lockdowns and other restrictions that ultimately didn’t stop COVID.

He also was known to flip-flop on various issues, along with failing to consider the societal consequences of his advice.

Now, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is joining the chorus of voices saying that regardless of whether or not Fauci retires in December, he still deserves to be held accountable for his COVID oversight, per Washington Examiner.

The Latest From DeSantis on Fauci

While speaking on the show Unfiltered, the Florida governor didn’t mince words at all. DeSantis explained that should Republicans win back control of Congress, there needs to be a reckoning on how Fauci managed COVID.

During his time on air, Unfiltered played a previous clip of DeSantis predicting that eventually, Fauci and other officials would downplay the effectiveness of shutdowns and other similar measures, but on the basis of them not going far enough.

The Florida governor then warned that this can’t ever be a path the United States goes down.

This isn’t the first time that DeSantis has weighed in on Fauci. Days after the White House adviser announced his upcoming retirement, the Florida governor stated that he’s tired of seeing Fauci altogether.

DeSantis was also widely cheered when he referred to Fauci as an “elf” that should be chucked over the Potomac.

Posturing From Fauci

Many Republicans share the sentiments expressed by the Florida governor and have made that clear. However, Fauci is putting on a tough front and claiming that he’s got no qualms about the GOP investigating him.

Per Fauci, he doesn’t have anything to hide because he hasn’t done anything wrong. Likewise, Fauci said that he’s more than capable of defending himself and explaining how he oversaw COVID.

Other areas of controversy surrounding Fauci include his claims about the US funding gain-of-function research and his involvement in funding experiments that tortured Beagles while they were alive.

Should the GOP take back control of Congress and follow through with a serious investigation into Fauci and his leadership, there’s going to be no shortage of things to review.

Do you agree with DeSantis’ support for Fauci being investigated regarding his oversight of COVID and its various mitigation measures? Let us know in the comments area what steps forward you believe to be appropriate.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.