Ron DeSantis Brutally Humiliates Biden and the Leftist Media

There’s a reason conservatives love Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He’s one of the few Republicans in elected office who’s not willing to talk nice about the left and back down to them.

DeSantis has consistently shown when the rubber meets the road, he’s not scared to stand up for freedom and American values.

During COVID, he was one of the few governors, right or left, who refused to cave in to the unscientific lockdowns which were pushed through by most and endorsed by President Trump.

Now, DeSantis is continuing his fight for the truth by opposing an insane new policy out of the Biden regime.

Biden Wants to Vax Babies for COVID

We already know about far-left Democrats and their interest in poking and jabbing young kids. They also like to suction unborn kids out of the womb.

In Florida, DeSantis successfully put through a law to stop perverted teachers from grooming young kids about sexual topics. This made the left furious.

His current stand is to stop Biden and his federal health cronies from jabbing babies up to five years old with the COVID vaccines. As DeSantis noted, there’s zero proof these vaccines do anything to help kids of this age range.

His state’s Department of Health will not be recommending them, since they actually believe in science, unlike the far left.

Biden and his crew made it clear they hate DeSantis with a burning passion; there’s a good chance he’ll be facing Uncle Joe in the 2024 presidential election.

Now, DeSantis is responding in full force to Biden’s lies about COVID and vaxxing babies. Some may say this is purely politics, but it looks to me that this guy, like many of us, has simply had enough.

DeSantis Delivers Damaging Facts

Standing at his podium, DeSantis delivered damaging facts to the propaganda of the Biden administration. All other 49 states give COVID to babies and young kids, but DeSantis said he’s not going for it.

There’s no real political reason for him to do this; he could just go along with it and claim that he’s following the other states’ lead. Though DeSantis refuses to and to be frank, that is extremely inspiring.

He is doing what a leader should and staking out ground when he could make 100 excuses for ceding it.

There’s no proof these experimental “vaccines” help kids in any way. DeSantis is right to stand up against the tyrant left who wants to jab everything in sight with their Big Pharma science projects.

DeSantis 2024?

I have to say: DeSantis looks extremely presidential up there. I don’t just mean his appearance. This guy is standing up for America and refusing to back down to intense bullying and propaganda from the left.

It’s inspiring to see, and we can all take a lesson from it.