Rock Star Rick Allen Attacked by Spring Breaker at Four Seasons in Florida

Reportedly, Rick Allen, one-armed drummer for the legendary rock band Def Leppard, was the victim of a brutal assault outside the Four Seasons in Florida on the weekend.

The rock band was in Florida to play at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino alongside Mötley Crüe when the incident took place.

Allen, who regrettably lost his arm in a vehicle accident in 1984, was assaulted by Max Edward Hartley, aged 19 when he went outside for a smoke.

Head Injury

Fort Lauderdale police said Hartley ambushed Allen from behind a pillar outside the hotel, sending him crashing to the ground and causing him to strike his head.

A female witness who had emerged from the hotel to aid Allen was also assaulted by Hartley. After repeatedly punching and dragging her by her hair, he ran away.

Allen gave a police officer a sworn statement in which he stated his intent to bring charges against Hartley.

The authorities established that Allen had suffered a head injury after falling on the ground. The cops tracked Hartley down to a nearby motel, where he began shattering car windows.

After being booked with two charges of violence, four counts of criminal mischief, and harming an elderly or handicapped adult, he was detained and sent to Broward County Jail cell on Tuesday.

Hartley refused to answer 7News’s question about whether or not he was a Def Leppard fan, covering his face with his arms to highlight the wounds on his elbows. He also wouldn’t say whether or not he was familiar with Allen.

Better Security

Hartley, a student at Cleveland’s Saint Ignatius High School, played varsity lacrosse and football before spending spring break in Florida. This episode exemplified the troubling potential for violence around spring break, a time known for wild parties and intoxicated revelry.

On May 22, at Bramall Lane, Def Leppard will play in their hometown of Sheffield as part of their ongoing World Tour.

Allen’s wounds serve as a constant reminder of the terrible accident that took his arm, as well as his determination to keep playing with the band despite them. The tragedy has also brought attention to the necessity for more protection for public leaders and celebrities.

The attack on Rick Allen was, to say the least, shocking and distressing. Max Edward Hartley, the accused attacker, has been taken into custody and faces various charges, including elder or handicapped adult abuse.

This event emphasizes the need for extra protection for prominent leaders and celebrities. It also brings attention to the growing issue of violence throughout spring break, which has been largely ignored until recently.

Hopefully, celebrities will get better security around them too in order to put a stop to this madness.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.