RINOs Go Soft, Selling Out to Dems on Gun Control

The Democrat Party is facing historic losses in Congress in just a few months during the midterms. Before that occurs, they are hoping to get gun control passed. This accomplishes two purposes.

Firstly, it moves the country further to the radical left’s anti-American, globalist vision. Secondly, it humiliates Republicans who comply and turns their base against them, depressing the upcoming vote.

Sitting on the best polls in half a century, a group of Republicans has now done what nobody imagined: they caved in to the left and brought us backward 20 years.

RINOs Cave on Immigration and Guns

A group of RINOs still exists deep in the GOP. They hate the America First movement and care about getting applause and kind words from the liberal media.

Despite having amazing polls heading into November, these individuals decided to chuck it all in the garbage in order to pat themselves on the back about gun control and flooding the country with illegals.

There’s no reason for Republicans to do this, but they passed laws that will massively expand red flag gun laws. The left and Biden regime will decide who is a threat or not, of course, and take guns away by force if necessary.

Thanks to Senators John Cornyn, Roy Blunt, Joni Ernst, Lindsey Graham, Lisa Murkowski, Thom Tillis, Mitch McConnell, Bill Cassidy, Richard Burry, Shelley Capito, Rob Portman, Todd Young, and Mitt Romney, we now have just given ground to the left for no reason.

This includes $100 million to the FBI to help them do their job. The last big thing the FBI did was not stop mass shootings and set people up for entrapment in an FBI-led plot against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The New Red Flag Laws

The new red flag laws will be especially hard on veterans. They will have much stricter background checks for anyone under 21 who’s buying a long gun.

NCIS has a clear job, but it can’t do magic. When it’s given poor data from a biased system, it leads to all sorts of unconstitutional infringements.

That’s the whole reason Biden and his crew want this: so they can spy on you and your family and get their hands on your guns under the pretext of safety.

Meanwhile, our inner cities are flooded with illegal weapons and handguns that the federal government does almost nothing to seize or stop.

They pass bills like this while simultaneously pushing through cashless bail and lessening punishment for armed criminals. This is the country we’re living in now, thanks to the left.

The Bottom Line

The Democrats want way stricter gun control than this, but this is a way to anger Republican voters so much that they don’t show up at the polls in November.

This is a planned collapse.