Republicans Warned Biden: No Future Help in Raising Debt Limit

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has informed Biden in a letter the GOP will not give any help in December regarding raising the debt ceiling. This comes after Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer criticized Republicans, despite getting help from them in raising the debt limit.

McConnell Informed Biden: No More GOP Cooperation in Raising the Debt Limit

In his letter, McConnell wrote Republicans helped Democrats by voting in favor of raising the debt limit; however, Schumer still scolded them for no reason. This letter from the Senate Minority Leader came after the widely criticized speech of Chuck Schumer.

Schumer slammed Republicans, despite the fact 11 Republicans voted to raise the debt limit until December of this year. Initially, Republicans stated Democrats must raise the limit on their own through budget reconciliation. However, the GOP helped the Biden administration avert the prolonged crisis.

The mess was created when just after getting Republicans’ votes, Chuck Schumer blamed Republicans for playing a dangerous partisan game. Likewise, he said Democrats brought the country out of the economic mess, even though it was Republicans’ votes that made it possible.

Labeling the economic problems a “Republican-manufactured default,” the Democrat senator played a dangerous game in his three-and-a-half-minute speech. This game could put Democrats in a dead-end tunnel in December.

While Chuck Schumer said Republicans should help Democrats with passing the debt limit in a bipartisan way, McConnell advised Biden Democrats must overcome these sorts of crises on their own in the future.

As McConnell lambasted the majority leader, he said Schumer brought the country to the brink of an economic disaster.

Schumer’s Senate Speech was F*cking Stupid, as Per Joe Manchin

John Thune, a Republican senator from South Dakota, also chastised Chuck Schumer’s speech, labeling it “out of line” and highly partisan. He was one of the 11 senators who voted to help Democrats increase the debt limit temporarily.

GOP Senator Mitt Romney said to Schumer it was a time to be graceful and not to criticize Republicans. After his speech, the rants against Schumer were bipartisan; even Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin criticized Schumer for his useless speech.

Manchin hammered the majority leader vehemently, saying his speech was “f*cking stupid.” He also schooled the Senate leader that this was not the right time for this sort of speech.

Referring to Manchin’s criticism, Mitch McConnell said the speech of the Senate Majority Leader was corrosive, which also incited Democrats to go against him.

While labeling Schumer’s speech as “childish behavior,” the Senate Minority Leader also wrote in his letter this action “alienated” many GOP senators who voted in favor of lifting the debt cap.

McConnell’s letter warned Biden that Schumer’s speech was against the same senators whose votes Democrats would need once again in December for the same purpose of raising the debt limit.