Republicans Released a Damning Video Against Democrats

On Friday, Republicans launched a counterattack against Democrats by releasing a video montage of Democrats seeking to defund the police.

The video released is a statement against Democrats’ previous claims that the Republicans are the political party in support of the “defund the police” movement. 

Republican Study Committee found more than two dozen examples of Democrats calling to defund the police

In a statement released by the committee, the GOP group stated that they also attempted to look for Republican officials who were calling to defund or “reimagine” police departments; of course, they didn’t find any.

On the other hand, the Democrat Party cannot say the same; there were more than two dozen examples found of Democrats trashing police and urging to defund law enforcement. 

The video footage showed far-left Democrats calling to cut the funding of the police departments. Some of the Democrat lawmakers who can be seen in the video are New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, Missouri Representative Cori Bush and New York Representative Jamaal Bowman.

Omar also wrote on Twitter back in June 2020 that the “defund the police” movement is “reimagining” the police system. She then claimed that the movement builds an entity that doesn’t violate the people, while reallocating the capital used for the police to invest in services.

Bush, on the other hand, claimed that “defunding the police” is not a radical move. Instead, it is supposedly “real.”

In December of 2020, Bowman also made a statement seeking to cut the police funding, asking to defund the system that she believes terrorizes communities.

She also claimed that the police system is “cruel and inhumane”, adding that it cannot be reformed. However, despite being a strong supporter of defunding the police, Bowman requested special police protection for his home.

Other far-left Democrats went to the extreme, as they sought to abolish the police department entirely.

Americans do not agree with far-left policies, particularly defunding the police

However, recently, some Democrats are now more vocal about their opposition against “defunding the police”. For instance, Democrat House Majority Whip Clyburn said on Thursday that the idea of defunding the police is a “chokehold” around the Democrat Party.

The sudden change of heart from the White House and the Democrat Party can be traced to how despised the movement is with Americans.

In a poll released by USA Today, they found that only 18% supports defunding the police, while 58% are against it. On top of that, only 28% black Americans support the movement.

Last month, New York Times also published a report saying that black Americans and Latino voters are against far left policies; this includes defunding the polie.

In addition to that, Biden’s rating of handling the crime in the country is at its lowest; the Washington Post’s poll found that 48% do not approve of Biden’s handling of crime.