Republicans Move Forward to Kill Manchin’s Energy Security Proposal

Attorneys general of 18 red states slammed Senator Joe Manchin’s so-called Energy Independence and Security Act, which will stop states from regulating their own energy grids.

Republicans believe Manchin’s energy agenda is the extension of Obama’s clean energy plan, as it will promote radical energy policies in the United States.

Dems Unleashed Their Radical Energy Agenda

On Monday, Republican attorneys general wrote a letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to protest against the possible federal government overreach in Manchin’s new energy plan.

Republicans’ letter mentioned Manchin’s legislation aims to promote the green energy agenda of Democrats since it will restrict states’ authority to bring up their own energy policies.

Republican attorneys general also noted the newly unveiled energy plan would eventually tilt the balance in favor of the federal government, which is a violation of the Federal Power Act.

Manchin’s agenda is to promote the Clean Power Plan of the Obama administration, which former President Trump nixed after coming to power.

The Supreme Court already established the federal government cannot enact any plan to control carbon emissions without getting a mandate from Congress.

This urged Manchin to present a bill in Congress so Democrats can impose their green agenda after getting congressional consent.

In addition to that, the Republican attorneys general noted even presidents like Lyndon Johnson and FDR did not try to disturb the energy infrastructure of the United States.

As Democrats are rushing on the plan, Americans have no time to evaluate the costs of this radical bill, the attorneys general added.

Biden Defends Manchin for Radicalizing Energy Projects’ Approval Process

Reportedly, McConnell is already asking Republican lawmakers to vote against the legislation. However, Schumer is trying to integrate Manchin’s bill into funding legislation that needs to be passed by the end of this month to avoid a government shutdown.

Meanwhile, the White House applauded Manchin, as Biden claimed the legislation would ensure energy security for the United States.

According to Biden, too many energy projects are delayed just because of unnecessary hindrances; so energy security legislation will make affordable clean energy available for American families.

Manchin’s office has also established the Energy Security Act will shorten the time required to do an environmental analysis of different energy projects.

As many necessary energy projects get delayed because of the slow environmental inspection procedure, the president can easily approve strategically important energy projects to avert any delay in their erection, Manchin established.

Republican attorneys general stated Manchin’s plan will empower the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to use taxpayers’ money from one state to fund energy projects in another state.

This means taxpayers in red states can be forced to fund expensive, progressive energy projects in states like California and New York.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.