Republicans Making Solid Gains in the Last Moments

Democratic politicians are facing nightmares just ten days before the midterm elections, as election forecasters are shifting more races in Republicans’ favor. 

Republicans are now leading in those races which were considered extremely favorable for Democrats.

Republicans Getting Decisive Edge in Many Races

An overwhelming majority of Americans are concerned about the economy, crime, inflation, and the border crisis.

This is shifting them towards Republicans, not to mention that many Independent voters have also finalized their voting decision in favor of GOP candidates.

Earlier this week, Fox News electoral rankings changed its prediction for five races in Northeastern America, a region that remained aligned with Democrats in the recent elections.

One of the most important gains for Republicans is their rising voter base in New York. Previously, the New York gubernatorial race was considered “solid Democrat,” but now the Fox News polls have turned it into a “likely Democrat” race.

Likewise, the congressional race for the 17th district of New York, where the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), Sean Patrick Maloney, is contesting against Republican candidate Mike Lawler, is now considered a “toss-up.”

Maloney was previously expected to win his seat.

In addition to that, Democrats are losing voters in the 4th Congressional District of New York, even though they are still leading the seat. Similarly, the GOP is now leading in the 22nd Congressional district of New York, which was previously dominated by Democrats.

Fox News predicted Republicans could win 249 House seats in the best possible scenario in a chamber where they need only 218 seats for a simple majority.

Blue States Voters Ready to Say Goodbye to Democrats

Furthermore, Fox News has given a significant advantage to Republicans in the 22nd district of New York, the 27th district of California, and the 2nd district of New Mexico. All of these seats were considered a toss-up until last week.

Apart from Fox News, the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia also shifted its ratings in favor of Republicans in the five House seats. One of the primary reasons for Republicans’ gain in deep blue states is the rising drug and homelessness crisis.

Cook Political Report also predicted some gains for Republicans less than two weeks before the elections.

The most prominent gain for the GOP, as per the Cook Political Report, is the rising numbers of Republican voters in the Arizona Senate seat where GOP candidate Blake Masters is aiming to unseat Democratic incumbent Mark Kelly.

However, most of the election forecasters are avoiding making any guesses about the fate of the Senate after the midterm elections.

Meanwhile, Democrats are also getting momentum back on some seats which they were supposed to lose. Reportedly, Democrats are making gains in Oklahoma gubernatorial elections, as well as in Alaska, Iowa, and North Carolina House seats.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.