Republicans Get Major Wins Just Before Midterms

Democrats’ political clout is waning just before the midterm elections, which means a red wave next month seems inevitable now.

Some political insiders previously believed Democrats were expected to avoid a red wave, due to the Roe v. Wade decision of the Supreme Court, but the latest data suggests Republicans’ victory is only a matter of time.

Inevitable Red Wave in the Midterm Elections

In September, Democrats had the lead of 1.3% over Republicans on a generic congressional ballot. This was a significant advantage for Democrats, considering Biden’s approval rating was still in the low 40s back then.

However, Republicans are recovering on the generic congressional ballot, weeks before the midterm elections; most of the swing voters are finalizing their voting decisions.

Now, GOP candidates have a lead of 2.2% over Democrats in a generic ballot, as per the polls of RealClearPolitics.

According to Democratic campaign strategist Jessica Tarlov, Democrats successfully managed to divert voters’ attention from the economy to abortion and some of their other legislative victories last month.

This shift in momentum for voters was an encouraging sign for Democrats, who believed they could avoid a red wave in the November elections. Tarlov suggested that now Democrats are once again on the brink of a massive loss in the midterm.

Tarlov claimed she was only expecting a narrow election victory for Republicans in the House elections, but now it seems the GOP will take the House with dozens of seats.

So, Tarlov continued that Democrats should immediately shift their campaign focus towards tackling the negative perception of crime and the economy to avoid an embarrassing defeat in the upcoming elections.ย 

All Media Outlets Predict Sweeping Victory for Republicans

The latest polls of the New York Times are also predicting a Republican victory in the midterms. Last month, Democrats were leading Republicans by one percentage point, but now they are lagging with four percentage points in a generic congressional ballot.

Fox News also established Republicans will be able to get a five-seat majority even in the worst-case scenario of House elections.

Meanwhile, a long-time campaign strategist of Republicans, Karl Rove, claimed the GOP is leading the polls, due to their good debate performances, impressive fundraising campaigns, and Biden’s continuous alienation from voters on different issues.

Even though data suggests the role of the Supreme Courtโ€™s abortion verdict is declining in the elections, Biden is still pledging to voters that only a Democratic-led House will bring pro-abortion legislation to the country after the midterms.

Erin Perrine, the former campaign staffer of Republican Senator Ted Cruz, noted three weeks before elections are always a lot of time in politics, but the real problem for Democrats is they are not ready to make a change in their strategies even now.

With every passing day, Perrine continued, the chances of Democrats’ election victories are declining.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.