Republicans Gear Up to Investigate FBI After Zuckerberg’s Revelations

Two Republican senators, Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson, asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to hand over all communication records between Facebook and the FBI regarding the Hunter Biden case.

Recently, Zuckerberg claimed the FBI asked Facebook to suppress Russian propaganda before the 2020 election, so the social media company reduced the visibility of Hunter Biden’s laptop story.

As the FBI is a legitimate institution, Facebook honored the request and suppressed the distribution of Hunter Biden’s laptop story, Zuckerberg claimed.

Zuckerberg Comes Under Scrutiny After FBI’s Remarks

On Monday, Republican senators wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, asking if the FBI used the social media giant to execute its big plan to protect Hunter Biden.

Likewise, the GOP senators asked Zuckerberg to clarify what the extent of the FBI’s involvement was in undermining Hunter’s saga.

The letter informed Zuckerberg that an FBI whistleblower recently told Senator Grassley that the FBI intentionally downplayed Hunter Biden’s laptop story in August 2020 to stop the investigation against him.

Similarly, the whistleblower also told Sen. Johnson that the FBI asked its employees not to delve deeper into Hunter Biden’s laptop case, the letter told the Meta CEO.

So, senators asked Zuckerberg to provide them with all the communication records of the FBI, Justice Department, Facebook, and other federal agencies so lawmakers could see them in detail.

Furthermore, the senators also asked Zuckerberg for the names of officials with Facebook and the FBI who communicated with each other, along with the time period when Facebook started decreasing the distribution of Hunter Biden’s laptop story.

Since the beginning of Hunter’s story, the role of the FBI and all the social media platforms remained highly controversial.

While social media giants, notably Twitter and Facebook, intentionally decreased the visibility of Hunter Biden’s story on their platforms, the FBI tried to undermine the investigations against Hunter.

GOP Ready to Investigate the FBI

In another letter on Tuesday, Republicans asked Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray to bring all the records of the FBI communication with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

According to the GOP lawmakers, the FBI is consistently failing to provide transparent information regarding the Hunter Biden story, which is a matter of grave concern for Americans.

When Republican lawmakers exposed the role of the FBI in shielding Hunter, the director of the disgraced agency acknowledged Republicans’ allegations are highly troubling for the FBI.

Furthermore, FBI agent Timothy Thibault, who came under massive criticism for his controversial role in protecting Hunter, resigned last week.

Thibault’s resignation and Zuckerberg’s revelations pushed the FBI into a dead-end tunnel.

After Zuckerberg’s recent interview, the FBI claimed it routinely communicates with social media companies regarding the distribution of content; so, Zuckerberg’s remarks do not bother the agency.