Republicans Advised Biden to Save Ukraine from Russian Aggression

Republican lawmakers have urged Joe Biden to deploy the military to assist Ukraine against a possible Russian invasion.

While the Biden administration chided the recent military build-up of Russia near Ukraine, the White House has yet to take any effective measures to combat the crisis.

Russia is raising military presence near the Ukraine border

Mike Rogers and Mike Turner, two GOP congressmen, led the effort of writing a letter to the president. The letter advised Biden to take swift policy measures to provide Ukraine with much-needed intelligence and military support against Russia.

Likewise, they asserted as Russia is becoming increasingly assertive against Ukraine, the Biden administration needs a military presence in the Black sea.

Mentioning the presence of Russian tanks at the Ukraine border, the lawmakers reminded Biden about the fact Russia is breaching international law and posing a threat to Ukraine’s sovereignty.

The GOP lawmakers told Biden since the announcement of the military aid worth $60 million to Ukraine in September, Russia started intensifying its hegemonic ambitions in the region.

Therefore, the US must fulfill its commitment of giving aid to Ukraine as soon as possible.

Russia is currently amassing troops in big numbers near Ukraine; this poses a significant threat to the country’s freedom. Despite the fact the Biden administration acknowledged the crisis, it is unable to take any significant measure to avert it.

Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, said the administration is concerned about Russian activity in the region, as the country can try to repeat its 2014 invasion of Ukraine.

Clarifying their stance, the lawmakers said they were not asking Biden to go to war with Russia; all they wanted was to defend Ukraine from the rising Russian influence.

The lawmakers also scolded the Biden administration for their Afghanistan withdrawal, asserting the hasty withdrawal led Russia and China to become increasingly aggressive towards their neighbors Ukraine and Taiwan, respectively.

It is important to note China is also obstructing regional peace by disturbing Taiwan’s sovereignty; their efforts intensified after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

Rogers told Biden Ukraine is a democratic country and Russia is an authoritarian regime; therefore, Republicans cannot support changing borders using tanks and military force.

Likewise, he also cited instead of believing in the power of the vote, Russia is leveraging tanks.

Ukraine is calling out for support from the U.S.

The Ukrainian Defense Minister recently said Russia stationed nearly 90,000 troops not only near the Ukraine border, but also in the rebel-controlled region near Ukraine’s east.

However, Russia denied these accusations vehemently, saying it does not hold any military presence in eastern Ukraine. 

Despite the fact the Biden administration and US military leadership have not taken an aggressive path against Russia, Ukraine is continuously calling out for support.

Roman Mashovets, a defense official of Ukraine, told Military Times the Russian military conducted exercises at the Ukraine border recently. Also, they have been stationed permanently in eastern Russia, even when these exercises are over.