Republican Senators Introduce a Bill to Sanction the Taliban

As Americans continue to face Biden’s hasty Afghanistan withdrawal, a group of Republican senators have introduced a bill that will sanction the Taliban.

Jim Risch (a Republican senator from Idaho) led these efforts as he introduced the ‘Afghanistan Counterterrorism, Oversight, and Accountability Act’ to hold the Taliban accountable.

Joni Ernst Schools Biden for Leaving Afghanistan Haphazardly

The bill presented by the Idaho senator will seek a review of US foreign assistance to countries and leaders that support the Taliban government. Likewise, the said bill aims to assist the abandoned American citizens in Afghanistan, people with special immigrant visas, and legal permanent residences.

Joni Ernst, a Republican senator from Iowa, said the Taliban poses a threat to the United States, busting Biden’s lies to the American people. Likewise, the GOP senator also said the US’ hasty withdrawal strengthened the terrorists in the country.

While defending the legislation, Ernst claimed this bill is intended to protect Americans and US-Afghan allies by bringing the Taliban to justice. The proposed legislation came at a time when Gen. Mark Milley exposed President Biden’s lies in front of Congress.

Republicans Demand to Sanction the Taliban for Terrorism and Human Rights Abuse

The bill is demanding a research report that would unveil supporters of the Taliban throughout the US war on terror. It is also seeking Taliban partners who helped them capture Kabul (after the US withdrawal) and supported them in launching an offensive strike in Panjshir valley.

The proposed legislation singled out Pakistan, as it demanded a comprehensive report on the Taliban supporters throughout the 20 years of war on terror.

Senator Risch censured Biden for the haphazard process, stating the US is facing the consequences of the withdrawal. Similarly, he also claimed the Taliban is desperately seeking international recognition, despite suppressing female rights.

While introducing the legislation, the Idaho senator expressed hope that the committee would look into the bill as soon as possible so the United States could extend its support to those who are left behind.

The newly introduced bill demands sanctions on the Taliban, not only for terrorism, but also for human rights abuses and drug trafficking. If passed, the legislation will chokehold pro-Taliban foreign governments, as well as the Taliban themselves.

The bill sponsored by 22 Republican senators also advised the administration against recognizing the Taliban’s representatives as Afghanistan’s ambassador to the US or the UN. The bill likewise addressed the need to assess risks posed by the Taliban, as they captured the cutting-edge US military weaponry worth billions of dollars.

GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn, one of the signatories of the bill, stated the US cannot afford to stay silent against the Taliban’s barbaric rule. This rule is governing so many Americans and innocent Afghan civilians stranded there.