Republican Leaders Criticize Joy Behar For Comments About Black Conservatives

Sen. Tim Scott and Rep. Byron Donalds criticized The View host Joy Behar for her comments about black conservatives and how they don’t allegedly understand problems concerning racism in the United States. 

Behar argued that black Republicans, including Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, don’t grasp the challenges African Americans face in the US. She added that black Republicans overlook or have never experienced systemic racism firsthand. 

Joy Behar Has Nasty Words for Clarence Thomas 

Instead, she believes black Republicans focus more on having people pull themselves by their bootstraps, as opposed to confronting the harsh realities of systemic racism. 

In response to Behar’s comments, Scott proclaimed he is the candidate for the US presidency that the hard left is most scared of. 


Donalds brought attention to Behar’s controversial 2019 Halloween costume where she dressed up as an African American woman.

In a Twitter post, the Florida congressman called on Behar to abstain from making comments about African Americans’ perceived struggles in the US. 

The View Co-hosts Continue Attacking Tim Scott 

Similarly, the View co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Sonny Hostin attacked Scott’s comment. 

Hostin was particularly disturbed by how Scott is not sympathetic to the supposed plight of African Americans in the US. She views Scott as a person who believes everyone in the US can succeed, irrespective of the circumstances they grew up in. 

In this case, Hostin stressed that Scott’s success case is the exception, not the norm, when it comes to blacks’ socio-economic performance in the US. 

Tim Scott first came into office in 2013 after he was appointed to the US Senate by then-Governor Nikki Haley. He was able to keep his seat after winning a special election in 2014.  Scott was subsequently elected to two full terms in 2016 and 2022. 

Donalds represents Florida’s 19th congressional district, which he has represented since his election in the 2020 presidential election. Both Scott and Donalds are viewed as some of the most outspoken black members of the Republican Party.