Republican Lawmakers to Investigate Biden on Saudi Arabia’s Claims

House Republicans are calling for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to start investigations against the Biden administration for requesting Saudi Arabia to delay oil production cuts until the midterm elections.

Recently, Saudi Arabia released a statement, according to which the Biden administration requested them not to cut down oil production before November’s elections in America.

Republicans Want to Investigate Biden

In his letter to Nancy Pelosi, Republican Congressman Tom Tiffany noted Saudi Arabia accused the Biden administration of extremely serious allegations, which suggests the White House is asking foreign governments to help the ruling party in midterm elections.

So, Tiffany asked Pelosi and the chairs of the House Committees to look into Saudi Arabia’s claims to find out whether the Biden administration really asked the kingdom to delay oil production cuts.

Likewise, Tiffany is also aiming to obtain the transcripts of phone calls of Biden, Kamala Harris, and officials of the Biden administration with the Saudi government in the last 30 days.

Tiffany added the House oversight committee must investigate the issue immediately to find the reasons behind the Democrats’ request to Saudi Arabia. 

Furthermore, Tiffany asked Pelosi to identify the official of the Biden administration who requested the Saudi government to delay the oil production cuts, adding Americans should know the specific requests made by the American officials.

Biden Sought Foreign Intervention in America’s Midterm Elections

When Biden visited Saudi Arabia in August, many media outlets claimed the president wanted Saudi Arabia to increase oil production.

Saudi Arabia refused to comply with Biden and announced to cut down oil production by two million barrels per day.

Meanwhile, Republican Senator Tom Cotton also slammed Biden for deteriorating US bilateral relations with Saudi Arabia.

According to Cotton, Democrats always have a short-sighted foreign policy, as they prefer to maintain good ties with Iran at the expense of Saudi Arabia.

In his interview with Fox News, Cotton added that Democrats would try to do everything they can to bring oil and gas prices down before the midterms. 

Senator Lindsey Graham also lashed out at those Democrats who want Biden to cut off ties with Saudi Arabia just because they refused to entertain Biden’s request not to announce oil cuts.

Graham claimed Democrats would empower American enemies if they stop weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, since America and Saudis are fighting a common enemy.

Instead of bringing the oil prices down by relying on domestic oil production, Biden is requesting other governments to change their oil production, Graham added.

Another Republican senator, Joni Ernst, criticized the White House for canceling America’s participation in the upcoming meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council in response to Saudi Arabia’s denial to entertain Biden’s requests.

The GCC was supposed to discuss defense cooperation in its next meeting.

Writing a letter to national security adviser Jake Sullivan, Ernst stated the Biden administration should cooperate with regional and global allies for defense purposes so America’s security is not compromised.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.