Republican Lawmakers Scolded Biden

The failed Afghanistan withdrawal of Joe Biden has raised the eyebrows of Republicans as they started questioning the ability of the president to handle the United States and its diplomatic agenda. 

Republicans accused Biden of lying to Americans

During the congressional hearings of the top US military generals, Republicans schooled Biden for his faulty withdrawal of U.S. troops; this occurred while questioning the president’s claims which were contrary to what General Mark Milley revealed in the hearing.

GOP members questioned Joe Biden’s statements as General Mark Milley exposed Biden’s lies about the US war on terror. Republican lawmakers accused Biden of lying to Americans over the process and keeping the people in the dark throughout the withdrawal.

Mike Rogers, a Republican in the House Armed Services Committee, expressed his fear about President Biden being “delusional.” While labeling the haphazard Afghan process an “unmitigated disaster,” Rogers said this failure would be remembered in the history of the United States.

Mike Rogers then censured Biden for not devising any strategy for the withdrawal, even though Congress was asking him to do so and present the plan in front of them.

Republican leadership also blamed Biden for backtracking from his promise of not leaving any American behind in Afghanistan. GOP lawmakers then scolded the president for his falsified belief that Afghanistan would not be a new Vietnam.

The Taliban’s advance took everyone by surprise as they captured the whole country, depicting the same events that unfolded in Vietnam during the Cold War’s historical episode.

All Republicans embraced different strategies to counter Biden over the failed war. One of the Armed Services Committee members, Rep. Mike Johnson, mimicked Biden by reading his interview script aloud in which he lied to Americans.

Similarly, Rep. Joe Wilson called for the resignation of President Biden over the poorly administered withdrawal.

Former Secretary Christopher Miller Schools Biden for not Executing Trump’s Plan

Meanwhile, former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller’s statements from one of his August interviews unleashed the lies of the current secretary, Lloyd Austin. Mr. Austin testified the Trump administration did not give him any withdrawal plan.

However, Miller’s statements show the Trump administration did give a proper plan to the then-incoming president. Miller told the Military Times they devised a process for the proper withdrawal. He continued, saying the failure of the Biden administration in executing that plan is beyond any sanity.

Now, as Afghanistan’s dust settles, Democrats have also started to blame Biden for the mismanaged event. Adam Smith, a Democrat congressman and the committee chairman, said the withdrawal could have been managed in a better way.

The hearing of top military leadership was expected to be a shock for Biden, as Republicans lawmakers already declared before the hearing they are ready to “confront the consequences” of Biden’s miserable decisions.

Biden’s mismanagement left many Americans in Afghanistan abandoned. They are staying there in the war-torn country and at the mercy of the Taliban when the extremist group already captured the latest weaponry of the US military.

This capture poses a severe threat not only to the Americans present in Afghanistan, but also to the world at large.