Republican Governor Ready to Dismantle Radical Climate Agenda

California’s zero-emissions policy is pushing the automobile manufacturing industry of the United States into deep trouble. Various states are adopting California’s green protocols to rule out the new gas vehicles.

However, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin vowed to reverse a California-inspired law of Virginia that requires a complete ban on new gas vehicles.

Virginia Governor to Stop Radical Green Agenda

In 2021, former Virginia governor of the Democrat Party, Ralph Northam, signed a partisan bill that required the commonwealth state to ban all the sales of gas and diesel-powered vehicles after 2035.

On Thursday, California’s Air Resources Board voted to implement the executive order of Governor Gavin Newsom, which seeks to ban the sales of gas vehicles after 2035.

This attempt of California’s pro-climate politicians urged Youngkin to announce his ambitions regarding the future of Virginia’s gas emissions policy.

Youngkin noted the former liberal governor of Virginia attempted to turn the state into California by forcing drivers to comply with the rules and regulations of the deep blue state.

Likewise, Youngkin stated the current laws of Virginia would force the state to adopt California’s gas-vehicles laws, which seek to prohibit the sale of new gas vehicles.

So, the governor argued he would make every effort to stop Virginia from turning into California; these types of hyper-progressive laws have no place in the red state of Virginia.

California’s Woke Politicians Playing With Fire

Republican politicians who control the state House in Virginia are already trying to repeal the green agenda of Democratic lawmakers.

Earlier this year, House members of the Virginia state assembly passed a bill to reverse the Virginia Clean Economy Act.

The bill was blocked in the Democrat-majority Senate. However, Speaker of the Virginia House Todd Gilbert asserted he would continue his efforts to curb the progressive climate ambitions in the state.

Gilbert claimed the House will bring new legislation in 2023, which will not disturb the current auto-emission standards and will protect the car manufacturing industry of Virginia.

Yet, liberal stakeholders are criticizing Republicans over their efforts to protect the car industry in Virginia.

An official of the Southern Environmental Law Center, Trip Pollard, noted adopting California’s law will provide alternatives to consumers, who will be able to choose from gas or electric-powered vehicles.

So, Pollard continued, every lawmaker of Virginia should back California’s laws to provide consumers with a variety of choices while selecting their vehicles.

According to the Associated Press, California is currently pursuing highly radical gas-emission laws, which will completely transform the vehicle manufacturing industry of the United States.

This will result in massive unemployment in the automobile sector, as different states are planning to adopt California’s zero-emission laws.

Reportedly, 17 states already adopted California’s strict carbon emission standards either fully or partially, which will put gas vehicle manufacturers in trouble.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.